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Five Ways to Protect Your Technology Investment with Chatsworth Products’ Solutions in 2016

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Being on the front line of the IT infrastructure industry requires innovative minds, team work and determination to delight the customer on each and every occasion, no matter the size, scope and time frame of the project at hand.

To achieve this mission, Chatsworth Products (CPI) manufactures state-of-the-art IT infrastructure products and solutions that optimize and protects your technology investment. 

Here are five tips that we think will help you stay ahead of the game in 2016:

1. Have a strategy and get help from experts.

Whether you’re planning a data center or retrofitting one, CPI is prepared to help you meet your demanding project needs by providing an extensive library of free design tools and downloads, and expert services. These include:

  • BIM Drawings
  • MasterFormat™ Division 27 Specifications
  • Product configurator
  • Cable fill tables
  • CAD Blocks
  • Online Catalog for easy shopping on demand
  • Microsoft® Visio
  • One-on-one assistance
  • Field expert site visits
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis
  • OSHPD pre-approved products

2. Prepare for increasing densities. 
Increasing densities means more power usage and higher ambient temperature in the cabinet or rack. CPI’s eConnect® Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) support high cabinet densities, while providing energy consumption visibility and monitoring capabilities at very low operating costs. Key features include:

  • Secure Array that consolidates IP addresses of up to 32 PDUs 
  • High ambient temperature rating, ensuring reliability
  • Patent-pending Locking Outlet protects your power from sudden disruptions
  • Ability to ship pre-installed with cabinets, saving you time and money

3. Keep your computing safe. 

Security is especially important for colocation providers and large-scale data centers, where authorized personnel and vendors have access to the room. 

CPI offers Wire Cage Enclosures as a simple and economical way to partition your space and secure your equipment in shared facilities. Wire Cage Enclosures feature an open design made from a woven wire mesh that allows airflow to equipment, while providing physical security. 

 For enhanced security at the cabinet level, use CPI’s Electronic Lock Kits System 1000 and System 1500. Each Electronic Lock Kit includes a standalone electronic keypad lock and hardware for mounting the lock to a specific type of cabinet and door. Multiple access codes allow assignment of administrator and user rights.

4. Make cable management easy. 

The busy day-to-day activities of data center and IT managers are getting more demanding as the industry grows. 

Not only is it important to plan for the future, it is also crucial to have infrastructure products that are easy to handle. 

CPI offers a variety of Cable Runway and Tray Products, as well as Cable Management products that provide simple and effective pathway solutions to easily manage and protect cables, while maximizing network infrastructure uptime.

Use OnTrac® Wire Mesh Cable Tray to obtain point-to-point pathways for network cabling. Shaped Tray is the best choice for high-density cabling applications because it features flattened cross wires to provide a larger surface for supporting cables.

With CPI’s Evolution® Cable Manager, you’ll get an engineered solution for managing high-density cabling applications. Evolution Cable Manager allows you to organize cables by rack-mount unit. T-shaped cable guide design decreases deflection when loaded with cables, especially important when deploying Cat 6a cabling.

5. Be active in the climate change initiative. 

Climate Change has been the talk of 2015 and the trend should continue for years to come. With 196 countries being committed to minimizing carbon emissions, it will take governments and organizations to unite toward the same goal.

As the pioneer of Passive Cooling® Solutions, CPI has helped many data centers maximize cooling efficiencies without the need for additional CRAC units, in-row air conditioners or liquid cooling solutions. CPI offers three levels of containment:

  • Cabling level
  • Cabinet level
  • Aisle level

Moreover, our solutions are in compliance with industry best practices of The Green Grid, AFCOM, ASHRAE, TIA, BICSI and more to fulfill its commitment to true energy efficiency. 

With a team of diligent and committed global sales force, expert technical support, reliable consultation services, state-of-the-art analysis and of course, world-class customized products and solutions, you can rest assured that with CPI’s products and solutions, your technology investment is protected.

For detailed information on all CPI’s Solutions, click here.

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Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 01/12/2016 09:48:21 AM

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