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Why is the New Bottom Panel Accessory Important to CPI Passive Cooling Solutions?

August 19, 2009

The Bottom Panel, one of the new accessories for the next generation F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet System, blocks airflow into and out of the bottom of the cabinet. It features a brush sealed cable access port near the rear of the panel which eliminates bypass airflow around cables entering or exiting the cabinet.

New F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet Accessories Provide More Options

August 17, 2009

CPI recently introduced a variety of new UL Listed accessories for the next generation F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet System. In addition to new thermal management products, the new accessories provide additional cabinet baying capabilities and supply greater cable and power management options.

New CAD Blocks Assist with Project Planning; Additional Support Available for Unique Applications

August 12, 2009

CPI recently updated its AutoCAD 2D blocks used for assisting customers in laying out rooms and equipment in data centers, telecommunications rooms, closets and office spaces.

Several products have been added to the library including the F- and N-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinets and the Evolution™ Cable Manager. Front, top, side and isometric views are available. We will continue to update our files as new products are released or when a customer requests drawings of existing products that do not currently have CAD drawings ...

Dilbert Faces Important Data Center Challenges With Usual Aplomb

August 10, 2009

The majority of Sunday comic readers may not have appreciated yesterday's Dilbert comic strip, but many of us at CPI found it amusing enough to share.

What are the Basic Considerations of Building a Data Center?

August 04, 2009

I'm an application, systems management, and middleware admin if you will, so when it comes to an actual data center from the computer decking up, I have little experience, so with that, I was not sure of how to ask the question, but I was hoping for a list of document names I should expect from someone building a data center or if I built a data center. My client is very small and this is almost pro bono (small startup city).

5/30/2024 9:17:12 AM