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A New Five Going Live: the Latest Products From CPI

August 26, 2010

With all the hard work that’s been going on at CPI lately, let’s just say Labor Day can’t get here soon enough! But before we kick back for some much-needed R&R, let’s kickstart the weekend with an in-depth look at five new products launching today.

Cruise Winner Announced

August 23, 2010

Terry L. Julius has been selected as a winner in the Chatsworth Products, Inc. 2010 Cruise Sweepstakes. Terry is a Consultant with Walsh Engineering in Idaho Falls, Idaho and registered to win the cruise while visiting the CPI website...

Had Your Fill? How Cable Management Influences Your Data Center Installation

August 20, 2010

If you’ve ever attended a standing-room-only, sold-out concert, you’ll have a good idea of where we’re coming from – first, imagine the amount of people – just a sea of faces as far as the eye can see. Everyone, pressed together, shoulder-to-shoulder ...

Last Opportunity to Register to Win a Cruise!

August 13, 2010

While three of four cruises have already been awarded, there’s still one more chance to register to win before we say bon voyage to the cruise sweepstakes Even if you’ve already registered in the past you can register again by

Educate Yourself With the Latest Products From CPI

August 12, 2010

Before the bell rings and we officially close the book on the dog days of summer, there’s still time to do your back-to-school shopping. Though we’re not talking about stocking up on pens, pencils and paper... here at Chatsworth, we have something more impressive in mind – a full course-load of exciting new products to strengthen your data center ...

The Evolution of Evolution Cable Management

August 05, 2010

When it comes to a discussion on the necessity of larger, heavier cabling in today’s data centers, let’s cut to the chase and lay it on thick – we’re talking Cat 6a UTP thick. These days, it’s imperative to maintain ...

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