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Are Air Dam Kits Really Necessary to Passive Cooling?

February 26, 2009

Recently one of our customers, who are planning to install CPI cabinets in a new data center, was wondering if Air Dam Kits are really necessary to their overall cooling strategy. Ian Seaton, CPI Marketing Technology Manager, explains the importance

CPI's New PUE Calculator Reveals Potential Energy-Savings Strategies for Data Centers

February 26, 2009

The CPI PUE Calculator™ is a complimentary tool that provides you with the ability to determine your potential data center cost savings when combining CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions with three of today’s most effective cooling strategies including ...

CPI Passive Cooling Solutions are Topic of Interest in Video and Magazine

February 20, 2009

CPI is a regular exhibitor at the BICSI Conferences held throughout the year. Many of our employees, especially our RCDD certified employees, attend the conference to keep their skills sharp, to meet with others in the industry and to keep

Local Community Joins CPI for Official Grand Opening of Research, Development and Training Center

February 18, 2009

CPI officially celebrated the grand opening of the Research, Development and Training center yesterday by inviting local community leaders, businessmen, reporters and others to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony and to tour the facility. The overcast sky relented from its

Employee Owners Celebrate Opening of Research, Development and Training Center

February 16, 2009

Chatsworth recently built a multi million dollar Research, Development and Training Center in Georgetown, Texas that has more than 10,000 square feet of space dedicated to development, testing and showcasing of CPI products and solutions. The RD&T Center offers visitors

Create a Custom F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet Using our Product Configurator

February 11, 2009

As you may know, the next generation F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet now has new features. As a result, we have updated our F-Series TeraFrame Product Configurator so that you can take advantage of these enhancements. I'd like to explain some of the new options so that you will understand when you should add them to your custom design. If you have any questions regarding these options, contact CPI Technical Support at 800-834-4969 or leave a comment below.

Next Generation F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet Improves User Experience

February 06, 2009

The next generation F Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet System has been enhanced to provide added features and benefits that help simplify equipment and accessory installation and use including Adjustable mounting rails slide front to rear and allow the entire depth of

Single- or Three-Phase, Delta or Wye: Which Power Strip Is Best For Your Equipment Load?

February 02, 2009

Power requirements at the cabinet level are becoming more demanding from a standpoint of equipment density of a single cabinet and the power input requirements of this equipment. In the past, one (or two, if redundancy is to be considered) single-phase power strips would satisfy most power needs. With the advent of sophisticated network switching, blade server technology, built in power supply redundancy ...

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