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eConnect® Power Distribution Units

eConnect PDU with Locking Outlets

eConnect® PDUs are intelligent power distribution products that connect you to your evolving enterprise data center. eConnect is designed to withstand the high heat loads of any hot aisle environment.

Metered, non-networked eConnect is now available. Ideal in applications where networked PDUs is not an option.

Chatsworth Products' (CPI) eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide the ultimate solution for cabinet level power distribution in evolving enterprise data centers. With innovative capabilities such as Secure Array® IP Consolidation and the ability to ship preinstalled in CPI cabinets, eConnect PDUs offer the quickest and lowest cost deployment among all intelligent rack PDU solutions in the industry. With high ambient temperature ratings, patented Click Secure Locking outlets, solutions that support up to 100 Amps and a high number of C13 and C19 outlets, CPI’s eConnect PDUs are the ideal solution for any high-density environment.

eConnect PDUs come in over 300 standard configurations and are available with short lead times and the ability to quickly create customized options.
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Secure Array® IP Consolidation
CPI’s Secure Array IP Consolidation reduces costs and decreases installation time by allowing you to link up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address using standard Ethernet cables. Enjoy features such as outlet grouping, data logging, threshold alarms and PDU cloning. Adding a second IP address provides failover capability, which allows functioning PDUs to continue communicating if a PDU in the array loses connectivity.

High Ambient Temperature Ratings
Perfect for installation in high-density application cabinets, all eConnect PDUs are optimized for use in ambient air temperatures up to 149°F (65°C) at the input power rating (kW). In addition, vertical PDUs feature a low- profile design that does not block airflow.

Click Secure Locking Outlets
Vertical eConnect PDUs with IEC Outlets are now available with CPI’s patented Click Secure Technology. This feature fastens straight equipment power cords to the PDU without the need for proprietary accessories, allowing you to save on additional accessory costs.


+/-1% Monitoring Accuracy
Precise kW readings with +/-1% accuracy for exact power measurement is a key benefit for determining precise per customer and per equipment power usage at colocation and high-density facilities. Available on all PDUs with monitoring capabilities.

PDU and Branch Phase Monitoring

Features continuous monitoring of voltage, current, power and power factor measurements for total PDU usage, as well as each branch phase, allowing you to monitor the total power consumption of each cabinet in your data center. Available on all PDUs with monitoring capabilities.

Electronic Lock Integration
All vertical PDUs feature with auxiliary ports (manufactured after March 2017) support eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC). EAC integrates with eConnect PDUs to provide a networked locking solution for data center cabinets. Through the PDU interface, users can remotely control and monitor cabinet access and keep a log entry for security requirements. One network connection can support up to 16 cabinets or 32 locks. Visit the EAC product page.

Ease of Installation
All vertical PDUs feature simple, tool-less mounting options for on-site installation and all horizontal PDUs include installation hardware. Complimentary preinstallation service is also available with purchase of any PDU and cabinet. Add power. Make it easy.

Tailored Power Options
Customization capabilities range from terminal block accessible PDUs and specialized input/ output attributes, to custom colorization.

UL Listings/Circuit Protection
All eConnect models are UL 60950 listed and CE marked. They utilize 100%-rated, slim-profile, hydraulic magnetic breakers to minimize nuisance tripping due to temperature variations and minor overloads.

Try These Power Tools

eConnect® Online Demo
Test the intuitive interface and functionality of eConnect PDUs.

eConnect Online Tools

Power Selector 
Select the best power product for your application by narrowing down options based on your requirements. You can compare up to four products at once, and then email or print the results.

eConnect Secure Array - eConnectPDU_Secure_Array.pngeConnect® Secure Array® Savings Estimator  
Find out how much money you can save with IP consolidation using this easy calculator.


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