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Seismic Standards to Get Tougher in California

November 30, 2010

With 2010 coming to a close, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) is already looking ahead to another important milestone 2013. That's when California Senate Bill 1953 – the Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act – will require all California hospitals considered hazardous

Baking, Bowling and ESOP Spirit

November 23, 2010

Fire up the oven, turn on the stove top, and prepare the ingredients it's time to bake some goodies With the holiday season in full swing (Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. folks ), Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) is already working

Anixter Launches ipAssured for Data Centers Program

November 18, 2010

Earlier this year at the AFCOM trade show in Las Vegas, Anixter, a CPI distributor, officially launched their ipAssured for Data Centers program. Designed to help customers positively impact the efficiency, conservation and profitability of a data center, this new program

Is Your Cabinet Half Full or Half Empty?

November 16, 2010

In today’s cost conscious market, maximizing real estate in the data center means having to decide between completely populating your storage equipment or leaving extra room for future growth. Of course, when forced to move, add, or change equipment, a

A Crash Course in Network Reliability

November 12, 2010

Late last month, the popular e commerce service, PayPal, was knocked offline for approximately 80 minutes after undergoing what’s commonly referred to in the industry as a “crash.” As PayPal puts it, “a network hardware failure in one of our

Let's Give a Worldwide Welcome to CPI's New GlobalFrame Cabinet System

November 05, 2010

Doesn’t good news sound even better on a Friday? We sure think so In fact, today’s news isn’t just good, it’s BIG, it’s bold and most important of all, it’s global. Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) is proud to introduce the

Final Sweepstakes Winner Getting Ready to Set Sail

November 02, 2010

Cue the drum roll – the fourth and final winner in the 2010 Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) Cruise Sweepstakes is… Cheryl Alvarado As the Operations Lead & Interim Director of Technical Infrastructure at Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas, Cheryl

Meet ITM - CPI's Newest Certified Installer in Europe and the Middle East

November 01, 2010

ITM Communications is a leading independent and specialist provider of cost effective and energy efficient ICT infrastructure services and solutions to the corporate, financial, government, defence, health care, construction, systems integrator and outsourcer markets in the United Kingdom, Europe and

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