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Need Help Downloading Visio Shapes of Chatsworth Products?

July 25, 2008

How to Download our Visio Shapes

CPI has a partnership with Altima Technologies, Inc. to make and store shapes that are used with Microsoft® Visio software. These shapes are available to our customers to download at no cost. According to Altima, CPI shapes are some of the

Streamlining the Data Center with High-Density Cabling Solutions

July 18, 2008

CPI’s Brian Donowho, along with Corning Cable Systems’ Alan Ugolini, wrote an article that was recently published in Business Management Magazine titled “Streamlining the Data Center with High Density Cabling Solutions”. The article describes the dynamics of the enterprise data

CPI Helps Local Cisco® Academy Provide Real-Life Experiences

July 11, 2008

In 1965, Craven Community College was created as an extension of Lenoir Community College and was granted independent status in 1967. Craven Community College is part of the North Carolina Community College System and provides a variety of degree options

Celebrating Freedom on the Fourth of July: Revolution to Evolution

July 03, 2008

Swimming, cookouts, parades, baseball games, fireworks – just a few of the building blocks of a traditional Independence Day celebration and I personally intend to celebrate to the fullest. Of course the whole reason Americans celebrate this holiday is because of the

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