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International News: CPI Continues to Make Waves in the Middle East

October 20, 2011

As the data center industry in the Middle East continues to grow and evolve, CPI products, solutions and thought leadership continue to lead the charge. Recent press coverage in the region and attendance at an inaugural exhibition in Oman highlight the latest ways in which CPI's global presence strengthens day by day. See for yourself and get access to our latest Facebook photo album in today's blog article...

CPI Celebrates October as National Employee Stock Ownership Month

October 20, 2011

While Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) enjoys celebrating National Employee Stock Ownership Month every October, there's an extra spring in our step for 2011. Maybe it's the fact that we recently celebrated our 20th anniversary as an employee-owned corporation or the various community and fundraising activities we've engaged in throughout the year. But there's more to CPI's ESOP culture than that. Find out in today's latest blog article...

Survey Yields Top Six Issues Facing Data Center Operators Today: Part Two - Running Out of Power

October 20, 2011

Resuming our countdown of the top six issues facing data center managers today (thanks to the 2011 Data Center Market Insight Report prepared by Data Center Knowledge), we take a close look at the fifth-most important issue: Running Out of Power. Talking points include power strips, intelligent PDUs, scalable power management software and the calculation of your power usage effectiveness. Put it all together and what do you get? An electrifying read, after the jump...  

Steve Jobs Leaves Legacy of Innovation and Insight

October 20, 2011

CPI reflects on the untimely passing of Steve Jobs, co-founder and longtime CEO of Apple, and the many technological breakthroughs he helped bring to market with a passion not often seen in the industry. Most recently, his keynote speech during a worldwide developer's conference shed new light on Apple's growing presence in the cloud and the innovative data centers being constructed to help support this platform. All that and more in CPI's latest blog article...      

From Networking to Net Worth: Planning Your 2012 Budget with CPI

October 20, 2011

That sound you hear? Numbers, crunching. Those colors you see? Hopefully more black than red. It all indicates that budgetary planning for 2012 has arrived. Navigate the financial roadblocks standing between data center operators and the bottom line with several CPI solutions and support systems that trim cost and boost profit - free of charge in today's latest CPI blog article...   

Does Cabinet Door Perforation Really Impact Airflow? CPI's Latest White Paper Has the Answer

October 20, 2011 If you want the truth, the "hole" truth, and nothing but, then you'll want to check out CPI's latest White Paper, entitled "Understanding How Cabinet Perforation Really Impacts Airflow." CPI Thermal Design Manager Travis North sets the record straight on the debate over what percentage of cabinet door perforation works best in the data center. The answer may surprise you...

Browse CPI Catalog and Other Helpful Documents on Accu-Tech’s New Mobile App

October 20, 2011

On planes and trains, in cars and bars, first thing in the morning and right before bed - there's hardly a corner of the map where someone, somewhere isn't tapping a touchscreen while being illuminated by the soft glow of a smartphone. To accommodate this growing market, CPI and its distributors are taking steps to enhance your mobile experience. Here's how... 

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