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Reducing Data Center Power Use Should Not Require the City Swimming Pool

November 26, 2008

It is the day after Thanksgiving and it is time to get creative with the leftovers, but really, how many ways can you serve turkey? You may be surprised what people do to make sure they get the most out of their Thanksgiving meal – like my turkey quesadillas for example.

It seems, however, that the American family isn’t the only one trying to get the biggest bang for their buck. Earlier this week I was very entertained when I read about the creative solutions being proposed to battle power consumption in the data center. How about putting data centers on decommissioned ships in order to get rid of waste heat into the ocean or reusing hot water from cooling systems to fill the town swimming pool? One large health care center is looking at reusing hot water expelled by its cooling system to do its laundry, according to Subodh Bapat, VP for Energy Efficiency at Sun Microsystems in an article published at Infoworld.com.

CPI Holiday Hours

November 26, 2008

The holiday season is fast approaching. As this year winds down, we look forward to many new and exciting opportunities with you in 2009.   CPI will be closed November 27th and November 28th as well as December 24th through

Managing Humidity Levels in the Data Center Makes Everyone Happy

November 20, 2008

Humidity is an often discussed topic in Central Texas. Most days the humidity is at a comfortable level and we go about our day in relative comfort. On some days though you may hear comments like, “I feel like I’m in Houston the humidity is so high,” which is equivalent to saying I’m out of my comfort zone and I’m not happy about it. Similarly, if the equipment in our data centers could speak, they might make Houston-related comments too. Conversely, if humidity levels are too low it is an uncomfortable situation as well.

Did I Install My CPI Runway Correctly?

November 17, 2008

CPI’s Cable Tray Products install quickly and can be cut to form smooth curved transitions around obstacles. Even in the easiest installations there may be one or two places that require a cut or unique transition. The

KyotoCooling and CPI Passive Cooling – Simple But Effective

November 07, 2008

It seems to be pretty much impossible to browse data center websites or magazines without being inundated with the challenges of data center cooling and the myriad of solutions being touted. If a data center professional made a serious effort

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