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Team CPI Shanghai Shares in the Excitement of the Beijing Olympics

August 28, 2008

The United States and China brought home more medals at this year’s Olympic competition than any other country, with the U.S. earning a total of 110 and China earning 100. Members of CPI’s representative office, located in Pudong (Shanghai), China

CPI Employee Attitudes Take a Toll on Local Communities

August 22, 2008

For many this time of the year is filled with preparations for a new school year. Often the cost of school supplies, clothes, school fees, etc. are too much for the family budget, especially in a time where prices seem

Configuration Tip: Making Changes to a Configured Product in Progress

August 13, 2008

I spend most of my days deeply immersed in the CPI Product Configurator adding updates and enhancements to make the tool as useful to our customers as possible. As the Configurator “go to guy” I often get questions about the

CPI Product Sightings

August 08, 2008

CPI products are used by companies worldwide and we have slick professional photos to prove it. But as employees, nothing quite makes your day like inadvertently running across one of your products in use. Just this week, there were two

It Pays to Stay Up To Date

August 01, 2008

Knowledge is power. As you know,  in this very competitive market it pays to be as informed as possible on what products and solutions are available.  I was recently in a discussion with a customer who uses many of our

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