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Chatsworth Products Supports Advances in Green Building in China

December 22, 2015

The green building industry in China is booming, and as big consumers of energy, data centers and telecommunications rooms in that country can certainly benefit from this trend. As a global provider of airflow management and Passive Cooling® Solutions for data centers, CPI can help your data center or telecommunications room achieve energy efficiency. Click below to find out more...

New Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet Protects, Secures IT Equipment at Smaller Worksites

December 21, 2015 Chatsworth Products (CPI) recently released the new Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet, designed to protect and secure network and telecommunications equipment at remote or smaller locations. Click on the link below to get the scoop...

CPI Helps Keep HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel Running Efficiently in the Data Center

December 15, 2015 Scripps Networks was looking for a solution to simplify the fiber network in its data center, which is distributed overhead with a cross-connect back to the core. The company was an early adopter of CPI’s Evolution® Cable Management, which it currently deploys with CPI’s Two-Post Standard Racks.

Find out how CPI assisted in designing a robust data center infrastructure solution that allowed their worldwide operations to run smoothly and efficiently.

Video: See How CPI’s CUBE-iT PLUS® Wall-Mount Solution is Ideal for Limited Floor Space

December 14, 2015

Chatsworth Products' CUBE-iT PLUS® Wall-Mount Cabinet provides exceptional strength and sturdiness, making it ideal for supporting communications equipment in a telecommunications room or a public space.

Watch the video in today's post to find out more. 

Advances in Green Building Design Promotes LEED Certification Growth

December 10, 2015

When designing a data center, it is important to consider how to mitigate the significant amount of energy required to cool increasing equipment densities. Efficient cooling is not only an ecofriendly choice, but also a smart one in today’s competitive business marketplace. See how Chatsworth Products can help you achieve the internationally recognized, highly coveted LEED certification.

CPI Cable Management Accessories Support Growing Demand for Fiber Optic Cables

December 08, 2015 A secure and reliable network connection in data centers and telecommunications rooms have become a chief concern among IT managers and Chief Information Officers. Time is money when it comes to troubleshooting a network issue or preventing downtime, so an organized cable system is essential. Read today's post to find out which accessories can effectively support your cable management system.

Cable Pathway: Cable Runway vs. Wire Mesh Cable Tray

December 03, 2015

When considering the type of cable pathway is needed to sustain and grow your network capabilities, there are several factors to consider. Things to keep in mind include, load capacity, grounding requirements, materials used, as well as the adaptability for future growth. Find out more in today's post.

CPI’s Passive Cooling Solutions Support Lower Carbon Emissions, More Energy Savings

December 01, 2015 Leaders of government and global companies are gathering in Paris this week for the UN Climate Summit in an effort to create a global climate agreement. For years, Chatsworth Products (CPI) has been committed to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the data center, which is one of the most energy-consuming business concerns. Click on the link below to find out more about CPI's innovative airflow management techniques and how data centers benefit from maximized cooling efficiencies.
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