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CPI Electronic Locks Provide Enhanced Security over Standard Locks

October 29, 2015

The demand for cabinet level security has increased for data centers, telecom closets and facilities that house sensitive and confidential data, especially in the health care, government and financial service sectors. To protect your information, Chatsworth Products (CPI) provides Electronic Lock Kits (ELS) that offer enhanced security over standard mechanical and combination locks.

Flexible, Mobile Workforce Challenges Traditional Network Cabling Strategies

October 27, 2015 Chatsworth Products (CPI) Wall-Mount, Zone and Wireless Solutions provide three easy ways to improve your designs so that the network is more flexible and prepared for future changes.

Public School System Relies on CPI to Meet High Demands of Technology-Driven Generation

October 22, 2015

Chatsworth Products (CPI) provides solutions for every type of business and industry, including school systems. Many public schools across the US use our IT infrastructure support products to store and protect equipment essential to the everyday tasks of both staff and students.

Safely Transport a Fully Loaded Cabinet in to Your Data Center

October 20, 2015

Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) F-Series TeraFrame ® Cabinet System is widely known as an ideal solution for optimizing cooling within the data center. However, there is lesser known member of the TeraFrame family who is built to tackle the heavy-duty jobs.

How Important is Temperature Rating When Selecting a PDU?

October 15, 2015

Power distribution units are usually installed in the back of cabinets behind hot air exhaust from equipment, which is potentially the hottest part of every data center. Depending on the expected ΔT from servers the heat at the rear of cabinets or hot aisle containment can reach 110°F to 140°F (43°C to 60°C). 

CPI eConnect PDUs currently have the highest ambient operating temperature rating of any PDU in the market. Find out more and download a white paper in today's post.

Earn Two BICSI CECs for Attending CPI’s Presentation at the 2015 Seattle Technology Trade Show

October 13, 2015

Join Chatsworth Products, on behalf of our distributor partner, Graybar for the 2015 Seattle Technology Trade Show, Wednesday, Oct. 28, at the DoubleTree Hotel- Seattle Airport.

Take advantage of this complimentary event to earn BICSI CECs.

Find out more in today's post.

CPI Celebrates Employee Ownership during ESOP Month

October 08, 2015

Since our doors opened in 1991, Chatsworth Products (CPI) has maintained a unique Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) organizational structure, where all employees of the company act as beneficial owners.

See how CPI is celebrating in today's post.

CPI to Present on Data Center Thermal Management Strategies at BICSI Mainland Europe Conference

October 02, 2015

Attending the European BICSI Conference? Join Chatsworth Products for an informative session on how to enhance thermal management and maximize data center performance on Tuesday, Oct. 20 2015.

Find out more in today's post.

Managing Change in Data Center Cabling and Systems Webcast Now Available for On-Demand Viewing

October 01, 2015

If you missed the “Managing Change in Data Center Cabling and Systems,” webcast hosted by CI&M last month, no worries, you can now view it at your convenience. 

Take advantage of this free one-hour opportunity to expand your knowledge, and earn one BICSI credit. 

Find out more in today's post.

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