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Can You Save 30% on Data Center Lighting Costs by Using White Cabinets?

January 27, 2010

What if you could reduce the lighting requirements in your data center by 30%, what would this save you? Let’s suppose you have a data center space that is ~5500 sq ft with a total IT load of ~475kW. What would it mean to you to reduce your lighting load by 30% given that this is about 5% of the total power consumed within the space? But more importantly how can you do this without impacting IT personnel when they are working within the space? ...

Plan Now to Attend KyotoCooling Seminar March 2-3 in the Netherlands

January 25, 2010

Join Chatsworth Products, Inc. at the upcoming KyotoCooling® Seminar and learn the best practices for energy conservation and cooling in the data center. This two-day seminar and tour will present revolutionary technologies that will reduce cooling expenditures by 80-90% ...

CPI Power Management Family Grows in Number and Capabilities

January 20, 2010

CPI has been selling power strips for many years – initially just a handful could be found in the back of the Rack Systems section of our catalog, and then in 2006 we dedicated an entire section to Power Management ...

Register for a Chance to Win a Cruise!

January 18, 2010


CPI has officially kicked off a special promotion and we want our faithful blog readers to be some of the first to know about it...


9 Key Benefits for Using KVM Over IP

January 15, 2010

Managing hundreds or thousands of servers around the globe and around the clock requires an easy way to find and access equipment. CPI provides space saving, scalable and fully integrated KVM Systems with optional IP capability, versatile configurations and patented ...

Going to the BICSI Conference Next Week? Stop By Our Booth for a Visit

January 12, 2010

If you are going to the 2010 BICSI Winter Conference which kicks off this Sunday, then be sure and stop by our booth #925 to see our latest products, as well as live demo of our Scalable Enterprise Management Software (SEMA) which is the brain behind our Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions. Everyone who watches the demo can register for a chance to win one of four seven-day cruises for two ...

What’s in a Data Center and What Do We Offer to Make It Better?

January 07, 2010

What we offer and how it works to make your data center design better:

Grounding - CPI offers a wide variety of grounding and bonding equipment from pipe clamps withof from pipe clamps with ground conductors, pedestal clamps with ground conductors, antioxidant ...

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