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Product News: Introducing CPI eConnect Power Distribution Units: Part Two

October 29, 2012

Last week, we introduced you to the first three models of CPI’s new eConnect™ Power Distribution Units (PDUs) - Basic, Monitored and Monitored Pro. Now, we’re pleased to share with you the most advanced functionality levels, Switched and Switched Pro, in today's CPI blog article ...

Product News: Introducing CPI eConnect Power Distribution Units: Part One

October 24, 2012

As data centers grow in complexity and overall compute capacity, it’s become critical to address how equipment receives and utilizes power. With the introduction of new eConnect™ Power Distribution Units, CPI takes a major step in becoming a world class in-rack power distribution provider. Today's blog profiles the first three models of the new eConnect line - have a look ...

CPI Solutions Integrate with CoolIT Systems Liquid Cooling at Super Computing Conference in Utah

October 22, 2012

In the Third Edition of ASHRAE’s Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments, a variety of emerging data center cooling techniques are vetted, including liquid cooling. No longer just a niche for gamers on over-clocked desktops, the method is finding practical application in the data center. One company helping to advance liquid cooling is CoolIT Systems, who will be exhibiting at the SC12 Conference in Salt Lake City and displaying a direct contact liquid cooling solution housed inside a CPI server cabinet. Learn more in today's blog article...

Industry News: ASHRAE Updates Thermal Guidelines with “Groundbreaking Information” for Data Center Energy Efficiency

October 17, 2012

When ASHRAE published its first edition of Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments in 2004, the approach to data center cooling looked a lot different than today. Fast forward to October 2012 and ASHRAE’s Technical Committee (TC) 9.9 for Mission Critical Facilities now introduces us to the third edition of Thermal Guidelines. Everything you need to know about what's new, what's needed and where to get it - in today's CPI blog article... 

CPI Presents at 2012 KyotoCooling Seminar in the Netherlands

October 10, 2012

Earlier this week, CPI presented on "Optimal Cooling in Cabinets" at the final KyotoCooling® Conference of 2012 in the Netherlands. Today, we explore CPI's ideal pairing with KyotoCooling and how others have successfully implemented this cost saving thermal management technique in the data center.

International News: CPI's Latin American Team Expands, Exhibits IT Infrastructure Intelligence

October 04, 2012 What a year it's been for CPI in Latin America. A new Spanish website, a translated and localized eNewsletter and plenty of engaging customer events and technical seminars. See what the schedule holds for the final three months of the year and meet our newest Regional Manager in Mexico, all in today's blog article...

CPI Strives to Succeed as One during National Employee Ownership Month

October 01, 2012 This week marks the start of National ESOP Month, and to help celebrate CPI's 100% employee owned structure and culture, we're pulling out all the stops for events and activities at each of our global locations. What's in the works, and why employee ownership is valued so highly at CPI in today's blog article...
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