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CPI Employee Attitudes Take a Toll on Local Communities

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For many this time of the year is filled with preparations for a new school year. Often the cost of school supplies, clothes, school fees, etc. are too much for the family budget, especially in a time where prices seem to be higher than ever. CPI employees experience the same struggles, but continue to look for ways to help others who live in the communities surrounding our three manufacturing facilities.

Our New Bern, N.C. employees raised a total of $420 for J. T. Barber Elementary School.

School SuppliesIn Georgetown, Texas our employees collected school supplies for three area school districts and were able to help 181 students, including 20 of our own children. Remaining supplies were given to Special Olympics. “Our employee owners have a compassion for others,” explains Marta Rodriguez, shipping clerk and active volunteer. “We knew there was a need, especially with the current economy, and we wanted to meet the need.”

Georgetown is also sending care packages to our troops in Iraq each month. A pen pal program is also getting under way.

Not to be overlooked, our fury four-legged friends received donations from our employees In Chatsworth, Calif. who donated four boxes of toys, collars, leashes, newspapers and shampoo to the local animal shelter.

New Bern EmployeesFor every outreach project we undertake, it costs time and money, but we do it cheerfully and the results are well worth it. In the coming months we are planning additional projects like “Coats for Kids” and a food drive. We could say that we are doing all of this to be good corporate citizens, but the bottom line is that our motto “We’re All In This Together” reaches further than our front doors. Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer

Posted by Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer at 10/11/2011 09:21:25 AM

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