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CPI Product Sightings

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CPI products are used by companies worldwide and we have slick professional photos to prove it. But as employees, nothing quite makes your day like inadvertently running across one of your products in use. Just this week, there were two rack sightings; one in a Chicago mall and the other in “USA Today”.

Sarah Gaskins, a CPI employee in North Carolina, recounts her rack sighting:

Libby Lu Uses CPI"Any working Mom knows you can’t go home from a week of business travel without souvenirs for your kids. My dilemma is that the generic “Chicago Rocks” T-Shirt from the airport gift shop just won’t do for my 7-year-old drama queen. While I was in Oak Brook, IL last week attending training, I made a quick stop by the mall near my hotel.

I made my way to the closest Club Libby Lu’s. (This is every little tween girl’s dream store!) Hannah Montana was blasting from the overhead speakers. Glitter and sparkles were everywhere in sight. Finding the perfect gift was easy. My “Tween Queen” would love everything in this store. I picked up a few things and made my way to the check out.

And then, what a delight to see - standing tall and proud among all of the frill and sparkle - a CPI Standard Rack. Club Libby Lu’s offers products to make every girl feel special and an opportunity to just have fun. The great thing to see is that Chatsworth Products played a part!

Way to go CPI! Thanks for helping this working Mom rank #1 after being away from home all week!"

Tom Cabral, a CPI Sales Manager, keeps his explanation brief:

CPI Rack"I was in Denver waiting for my flight which was delayed two hours. I sat down next to a “USA Today” newspaper that someone had left behind. When I came to the money section, the main story was about a hacker in Moscow. I turned the page and there it was, a photo of a tech working on a telecommunication rack and the rack was from CPI. You could even see our blue sticker on the wire management! Totally cool!"

Telecommunications Rack vs. Sasquatch

Our employees may be similar to Bigfoot enthusiasts when it comes to getting a glimpse of our products in their natural habitat, but our sightings are well documented and we’ve got the photos to prove it!


Posted by Jeff Cihocki at 10/11/2011 09:20:44 AM

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