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Configuration Tip: Making Changes to a Configured Product in Progress

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I spend most of my days deeply immersed in the CPI Product Configurator adding updates and enhancements to make the tool as useful to our customers as possible. As the Configurator “go to guy” I often get questions about the tool’s finer points so, I thought I’d share a few that may be helpful.

How do I make changes to a product I’m in the process of configuring? While this may seem intuitive to some, I do get questions about this. First, do not use the backwards arrow button. (Fig 1) Because the Configurator is a step-by-step process, hitting the back button will not retrieve the information you provided on the last page.  

Figure 1

Instead use the links located in the left margin under “Previous Selections”. (Fig 2) This is sometimes referred to as a “bread crumb trail”. If you hover over one of the selections, you can actually see the features you've chosen. See something you want to change? Click on that selection and you are carried back to that screen. Now, you can make any edits you want and continue on through the design. However, it is necessary to retrace your steps so the values stored in the Configurator can be reset as needed. John Bennett, Senior eMarketing Specialist


Figure 2

Posted by John Bennett, Senior eMarketing Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:21:05 AM

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