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CPI Strives to Succeed as One during National Employee Ownership Month

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Since our 1991 inception, Chatsworth Products has maintained a unique Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) organizational structure, where all global employees of the company act as beneficial owners. This unique culture not only inspires us to build high quality products, but to continually delight you through unrivaled customer service and technical support.

2012 National ESOP Month PosterThis month, CPI joins other employee owned companies to officially recognize October as National ESOP Month. This year's theme, "Succeed as One," as seen in the official poster at right, represents the ideal that it takes an eclectic mix of individuals, all working towards the same goal, to truly achieve success.  

Throughout the next few weeks, CPI has a number of fun activities planned across all of our facilities, including:

  • ESOP Puzzle Word Search
  • ESOP Face-Off Trivia Game
  • ESOP Luncheon
  • ESOP Halloween Costume Contest

In addition to the great internal benefits of an employee owned company culture, ESOP is also a great way for CPI to give back to the communities in which we reside. That includes various fundraisers and public outreach throughout the year, which we definitely encourage you to browse.

Stay tuned throughout the month for more ESOP updates, and be sure to like us on Facebook to get access to our photo album of upcoming ESOP events and activities. Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist

Posted by Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist at 10/02/2012 01:35:27 PM

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