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Product News: Introducing CPI eConnect Power Distribution Units: Part Two

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Last week, we introduced you to the first three models of CPI’s new eConnect™ Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Basic, Monitored and Monitored Pro. Now we’re pleased to share with you the most advanced functionality levels, Switched and Switched Pro - seen below.

eConnect Switched and Switched Pro Power Distribution UnitsBuilt on the same revolutionary framework of the Basic, Monitored and Monitored Pro eConnect PDUs, which all include an impressive 149°F (65°C) temperature rating for high density applications and a low profile design that fits into a 0U space at the side of the cabinet, the Switched and Switched Pro models offer the most comprehensive intelligent PDU capabilities that CPI has ever produced, including:

  • Switched outlet setup and control (on/off/cycle options for a maximum number of 24 outlets)
  • Ability to cycle individual outlets remotely
  • Ability to cycle multiple outlets simultaneously
  • Local interactive display provides detailed total power measurements, lists any alarms and allows quick, on-screen setup for IP network connections
  • Access the PDU remotely using a web browser for detailed setup and monitoring; the Ethernet network connection supports IPv6 and SNMP v3 protocols
  • Ability to connect any combination of up to 20 networked PDUs together and access all PDUs through a single IP address using the built-in web interface

Additionally, LED lights on the Switched and Switched Pro PDUs help indicate whether the outlet is switched on (indicated by a blue light) or off (indicated by an amber/yellow-orange light). It is always a good practice to turn outlets off when not in use, thus reducing impact of additional power requirements added to overall PDU loads.

Check out the eConnect webpage to access complete information on all five functionality levels and see how “making the switch” to CPI eConnect PDUs has never been easier. Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist

Posted by Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist at 10/30/2012 08:45:18 AM

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