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Tech Tip: Selecting the Right Horizontal Cable Manager

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Evolution Cable Management on Two-Post RackChatsworth Products (CPI) offers a wide variety of horizontal cable managers that range from full-featured Evolution® Cable Managers (shown) to horizontal ring panels and jumper trays. These products can be used above and below patch panels and network switches to organize and store cables. 

Many of CPI's horizontal managers feature T-shaped cable guides to organize patch cords and jumper cords as the cords enter and exit the manager to make individual equipment connections. Snap-on covers give the installation a clean finish. All managers are high quality construction and design, helping ensure maximum performance and decreased cable damage.

How to Select Horizontal Cable Management

If you are using flat-faced patch panels or network switches that cable from above or below, horizontal cable management will complete the support pathway for patch cords between the cabling section and the exact connection point (port) on the patch panel or switch. Alternately, horizontal management can be used to create rack-to-rack pathways for patch cords.

Select a style of horizontal cable management that complements the cabling section (vertical manager). Generally, it is good practice to plan 1U of horizontal cable management for every 2U of connectivity. Cable fill should equal at minimum, half of the ports supported by the cable manager. This method assumes that patch cords enter from both sides of the rack. Capacity should equal port density when cables enter from one side of the rack only. 

CPI Horizontal Managers at a Glance

 Evolution® Use with Evolution Cable Management g1 Single-Sided, g2 Double-Sided and g3 Combination Vertical Cable Managers. Features a snap-on cover and top and bottom cable openings for patch cords. Patch cords can pass front-to-rear through three rear openings. Single-sided versions available in 1U, 2U and 3U high
 Velocity® Use with Velocity Cable Management single-sided and double-sided vertical cable managers. Features a snap on cover and top and bottom cable openings for patch cords. Cable can pass front-to-rear through two rear openings. Single-sided versions available in 1U, 2U and 3U high.

Universal Horizontal Cable Manager UHCM is designed for use with CCS and MCS vertical cabling sections. It has a snap-on cover and features top and bottom cable openings for patch cords. Patch
cords can pass from front-to-rear through a rear opening. Single and double-sided versions available in 1U, 2U and 3U high.

A deeper version is available for use with double-sided MCS vertical cabling sections when the cabling sections are center-mounted on 3”D (80 mm) racks. It has a snap-on cover and features top and bottom cable openings for patch cords. Patch cords can pass through a rear opening. Single-sided only versions in 1U, 2U and 3U high.
19” Horizontal Wire Management Panel Designed for use with VCS vertical cabling sections. Open ring-style managers with 1.5” (38 mm) standoff from from the rack. Includes cable spools to control cables as they exit the vertical manager. Cover available as an accessory. Single-sided versions only in 1U and 2U high.

Rack Cabling Managers Small ring-style managers attach to a flush rack-mount panel. Only 1.5”D (38 mm). Excellent for use within cabinets and enclosures. Single-sided version only in 1U and 2U high. 

Large Horizontal Ring Panel  Large 6”D (150 mm) manager that attaches to a flush rack-mount panel. Use above or below large network switches that have vertical modules. Single-sided only
version, 2U high. 

Jumper Trays Use open trays to create rack-to-rack pathways for patch cords. Also used below switches or fiber patch panels to catch patch or jumper cords. Two depths - 3” or 6” (80 mm or 150 mm). Single-sided only versions, 2U high.


See CPI’s Cable Management Quick Reference Guide for more comparison features or visit the CPI Online Catalog to view more details, including price. 

Trust the experts at CPI to deliver the most comprehensive line of equipment support products in the industry, as well as provide the design tools you need to include them in your next project. For additional information, please contact Technical Support.

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

Posted by Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager at 09/29/2015 06:43:22 AM

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