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Preparing for the 2018 Critical Facilities Summit? Visit CPI in Booth 303

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2018 Critical Facilities Summit LogoIf you're attending the 2018 Critical Facilities Summit, you may be evaluating solutions and technologies that can help you store, monitor and protect equipment as you move your data center capabilities to the edge. 

Visit Chatsworth Products (CPI) experts in booth 303 to discuss what to look for when selecting proper infrastructure for nontraditional locations, such as manufacturing floors, warehouses and outdoors. You can also see elements of our cabinet ecosystem, which integrates infrastructure, hardware and software at the cabinet-level to help simplify white space management and reduce the cost of overall operation.

Interact with CPI's featured solutions in booth 303 to protect your technology investment—from the data center to the edge.

Featured Solutions

F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinet: Supports critical concerns such as proper airflow, cable and power management practices and grounding and bonding, as well as support for system integration.

eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs): A line of intelligent PDUs that monitor and control power to equipment within the cabinet.

eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC): A newly patented networked locking solution that adds a required physical layer of security at the cabinet level.

RMR® Industrial Enclosures: NEMA-rated enclosures that supports and protects equipment in nontraditional environments.

Can't Attend? Contact Us

Can't make it to the show? Schedule a visit to one of our office locations to visit our technology showroom, or contact us.

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Posted by Kim Ream at 09/27/2018 11:53:21 AM

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