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How CPI Technical Support Helps Customers Gain Infrastructure Independence

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Every year, the Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) Technical Support Team gathers for a week of extensive training, team meetings, product orientations and procedure reviews.

During this time, we make it a point to ask ourselves many of the same questions we hear on a daily basis. What configuration works best with these mounting rails? How can I navigate this cable pathway around those fire sprinklers?

And while the answers to these questions can often differ based on a project’s parameters and circumstances, one thing always stays the same – our deep knowledge of CPI products exists because we commit ourselves to truly hands-on product assemblies, demonstrations, troubleshooting and best practices.

The same can certainly be said for last month’s most recent gathering in Georgetown, TX, home of CPI’s Research, Development and Training Center (RD&T). It’s here where CPI’s Technical Support Team of six, pictured below, met to discuss and get a first-hand look at some of CPI’s newest solutions for the data center and beyond.

Your CPI Technical Support TeamPictured from left to right: Tom Bradley, Technical Support Manager, Technical Support Representatives Lonnie Long, Corina Cumatz, Jonathan Nink, Guy Lewandowski and Senior Technical Support Representative Robert Sienkiewicz

This included the complete build-up and teardown of a series of configurations for CPI’s new Aisle Containment Systems, both Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle, as well as a close inspection of CPI’s forthcoming line of newly designed Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

And just in case you were wondering… yes, even during team meetings such as this, our phone lines and email inboxes are always open for business! In fact, the team (who are normally spread out across the country to ensure nearly round-the-clock support based on time zones) even travels with our headsets and computers to field your requests. It’s just another one of the ways in which we pride ourselves on delighting the customer.

Do you have a question for us? Call 800-834-4969 or submit an online customer support requestTom Bradley, CPI Technical Support Manager.

Posted by Tom Bradley, CPI Technical Support Manager. at 07/03/2012 06:19:59 AM

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