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Aisle Containment


When Chatsworth Products introduced CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions in 2006, the blueprint for optimal thermal management at the cabinet level was forever changed. The ability to isolate, redirect and recycle hot exhaust air would revolutionize the concepts of high density, energy efficiency and “free cooling” within the data center.

Since then, CPI has expanded these data center cooling innovations to the aisle level, translating years of proven results from custom solutions into standard Aisle Containment Solutions, which offer quality engineering, flexibility and a superior class of airflow management, all while reducing operating costs.

Why Choose Containment?

As manufacturers push the thermal envelope on servers and other critical IT equipment by increasing power and heat density at the rack level, cooling costs are on the rise and space-utilization is becoming a challenge. To counter these trends and reduce extraneous energy costs and power consumption, data center operators are increasingly turning to Aisle Containment Solutions to help optimize airflow, especially in those situations where cabinet-level isolation is untenable.

Benefits and Savings

Developed with built-in flexibility and high quality engineering, CPI Aisle Containment Solutions easily adapt to challenges such as limited ceiling height and complex overhead pathways. This makes Aisle Containment Solutions an excellent choice for both Brownfield and Greenfield applications.

CPI Aisle Containment Benefits Include: 

  • Reduces cost
  • Eliminates hot spots 
  • Supports heat and power densities up to 30kW per cabinet
  • Effectively uses 100% of supplied air
  • Reduces waste of chilled bypass air 
  • Improves CRAC efficiencies due to higher supply-to-return temperature differences (Delta T)
  • Allows increased room temperature and higher set points on cooling equipment 

Our Approach to Containment

Aisle Containment Solutions by CPI are available in four standard configurations, each offering a unique and versatile approach to addressing your most pressing data center cooling needs: 

A critical component of any aisle containment system is the door. All CPI configurations have a unique door assembly that  automatically closes, ensuring an added layer of sealing for optimized airflow performance. CPI doors are available in a single (which opens from the left or right) or double door option, both of which slide open and close automatically.

Custom Aisle Containment Solutions

If you need a special design that CPI currently doesn’t offer, our Global Application Engineering Services Group will work with you to create the perfect Aisle Containment Solution that fits your needs. 

Optimizing Your Aisle Containment Solution

To help customers maximize performance, CPI Aisle Containment Services offer Pre-Installation Site Surveys and On-Site Installation Supervision Support. Take full advantage of the substantial cost savings available through this service to ensure that you receive a maximum return on your investment.

 We’ve Done the Research

Ready to learn more about CPI Aisle Containment Solutions? Take a look at some of the research and case studies from previous installations or contact our experts to find out how you can be our next containment innovation.

Containment Support

On-Site Support 

CPI’s technical staff will support your installation at all phases. 
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