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How Does CPI's Adjustable Cable Runway Simplify Pathway Installation?

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Adjustable Cable Runway

Chatsworth Products (CPI) Adjustable Cable Runway has been a popular choice for contractors and installers since its introduction because of its flexibility and high quality. In fact, the product received the Showstopper Award at NECA last October. 

Now that the product has had some run time, we’ve received several frequently asked questions from the field and would like to provide some answers:

Q. What is the purpose of an “adjustable” runway?

A. An adjustable runway solution allows technicians and installers to reposition features of the runway such as cross members and accessories for better alignment and to preserve bend radii. The adjustable design simplifies the deployment of cabling above racks, cabinets and cable managers, helping to improve the efficiency of technicians and installers.

Q. What makes the runway adjustable?

A. The Adjustable Cable Runway features bolted construction with moveable Cross Members for ultimate cable pathway customization. This differs from other CPI Runway, which feature Cross Members that are permanently attached (welded) to the runway.

Q. How are Cross Members adjusted?

A. To move Cross Members, a T40 (TORX) hexalobular driver should be used to loosen and remove hardware. After that, the Cross Members will slide freely but securely down the runway (between the Stringers). For ease of placement, it may be necessary to loosen the screws on adjacent Cross Members. Once placed, Cross Members may then be reattached with hardware. Cross Members may be moved a maximum of 4” (101 mm) from their original position in order to maintain an appropriate load rating. 

 Adjustable Cable Runway

Q. What is the load rating?

A. The Adjustable Cable Runway carries a full load rating of 132 lb/ft (196 kg/m) when the runway is supported every 5 ft (1.5 m).

Q. Does the Adjustable Cable Runway need to be grounded and bonded?

A. Yes, any metal pathway such as CPI’s Adjustable Cable Runway, must be bonded together for grounding purposes. Generally, individual pathway components are bonded across each splice, and the pathway is then bonded to the Telecommunications Grounding Busbar. Grounding and Bonding features of the adjustable Cable Runway include the use of grounding thread-forming screws at the end of each Cross Member. The threads of the screws and ring on the underside of the head cut through paint to form an electric bond between Cross Members and Stringers. The Grounding Splice Kit is used to bond runway sections across each splice.

To review all Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about the advantages of CPI’s Adjustable Cable Runway, click here

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 08/08/2017 06:48:17 AM

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