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Contractor Reviews and Commends CPI’s Adjustable Cable Runway

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Adjustable Cable Runway ProductChatsworth Products’ (CPI) Adjustable Cable Runway has been a hit among contractors and consultants. The absolute flexibility and customization of the design have impressed those who are in the highly specialized field of data center construction and networking.

CPI’s Adjustable Cable Runway features movable, tool-less Cross Members, which allow components and accessories to be installed at various points along the runway, simplifying the alignment of cabling above racks, cabinets and cable managers. The Cross Members are attached to Runway Stringers by two thread-forming screws, which once loosened, allow the Cross Members to slide easily across the Runway Stringers. Cross Members may be added, removed or adjusted throughout the lifetime of the data center.

“There is no downtime to tear everything down and move everything around,” says Avery Aragaki, Partner at Aspen Technologies, a provider of telecommunication and networking services for businesses.

During a recent visit to CPI’s Research, Development and Training Center (RD&T), Aspen Technologies was able to get hands-on interaction with the Adjustable Cable Runway.

Here are some advantages Aspen Technologies highlighted:

Movable Cross Members – Simplifies moves, adds and changes (MAC). Contractors do not have to waste time taking the cable pathway apart during MACs.

Tool-less accessories – Provides significant labor cost reductions. Installers will benefit from improved installation efficiencies, including faster time to deploy and reduced labor costs 

Complements other CPI Cable Runway Systems – Adapts to any data center or computer room setup. There is no added cost to update older cable runway systems when deploying the Adjustable Cable Runway 

As an added benefit, the Adjustable Cable Runway allows data centers and facilities to meet ANSI, TIA and EIA installation standards for copper and fiber cabling, while promoting proper bend radii, helping to preserve data transmission integrity and prevent signal degradation. It is also designed with insight into key Grounding and Bonding practices.

For your next cable pathway projects, consider CPI’s Adjustable Cable Runway. Our trusted contractors attest to it. Learn more about the Adjustable Cable Runway here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 07/20/2016 12:44:38 PM

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