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CPI Expands, Enhances Aisle Containment Solutions for the Data Center

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In a recent data center survey conducted by the Uptime Institute, a majority 78 percent of large companies indicated that cold and hot aisle containment were at the top of their list for power-saving strategies within the next 12 months.

According to Uptime Institute’s Director of Content and Publications, Matt Stansberry, “airflow containment deployments are an increasingly common and cost-effective solution for isolating the hot and cold aisles,” furthering illustrating that many in the industry are now ready to move past if and decide on when it’s time to reclaim energy savings in the data center using containment.

Leading this charge for energy efficiency are Aisle Containment Solutions by CPI, now available for the first-time ever in a series of standard part number offerings and configurations, including:

Cabinet Supported Hot Aisle Containment

Cabinet Supported Hot Aisle ContainmentHot exhaust air from IT equipment is isolated in the hot aisle and directed back to the CRAC/CRAH through a Vertical Exhaust Duct. In this configuration, cooling units are not working to regulate temperature increases from high density switches and servers, thereby reducing waste, and ultimately, money.

Frame Supported Hot Aisle Containment

Frame Supported Hot Aisle ContainmentIdeal for colocation facilities and data centers with either a concrete or slab floor requiring easy roll-in/roll-out capabilities, this solution features a quality-crafted frame support that includes self-closing doors at each end of the aisle and a vertical exhaust duct within an independent frame that allows for a mix of cabinets with varying heights to be easily added and removed.

Cabinet Supported Cold Aisle Containment

Cabinet Supported Cold Aisle ContainmentAn excellent choice for retrofits, spaces with minimal ceiling height and small footprints, this solution isolates a room’s cold air supply and confines it to an entirely closed off area targeted at cooling IT equipment instead of the room. The fronts of cabinets face each other as they would in a typical cold aisle design, but the addition of CPI self-closing doors on each end of the aisle and ceiling panels across adjacent cabinet rows create a complete segregation of hot and cold air.

All configurations support 4x higher heat and power densities (6 kW to 30+ kW) and pair with a variety of thermal management accessories including cabinet to floor seal kits, snap-in filler panels, air dam kits, AisleLok™ Acrycell™ Sealing Tape and KoldLok® Raised Floor Grommets just to name a few.

Additionally, if your project requires a special design that utilizes elements of any of the standard offerings above, CPI’s team of specialists will work with you to create the perfect, custom solution.

Visit the Aisle Containment Solutions webpage to access a comprehensive six-page Aisle Containment Sales sheet, browse an assortment of detailed application sheets, read our latest white paper on “How Much Containment is Enough?” and see more photos and videos of our Aisle Containment solutions in action. Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist

Posted by Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist at 11/16/2012 08:09:52 AM

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