Research, Training and Development Center Provides Unique and Comprehensive Opportunities for Industry Professionals | Chatsworth Products
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Research, Training and Development Center Provides Unique and Comprehensive Opportunities for Industry Professionals

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Welcome to the RD&T CenterHas your company visited the new and innovative Research Development and Training Center at our Chatsworth Products location in Georgetown, Texas? The RD&T Center, which opened in January, is a state-of-the-art facility that gives you a hands-on experience with multiple CPI products in the Product Showroom, as well as demonstrations of real-world data center thermal testing in the Thermal Test Lab, presentations in the Customer Meeting Center, and RCDD CEC courses in the Training Center. Tours of the Manufacturing Factory have also been an enlightening experience for customers to observe the processes involved in creating CPI products from A to Z.

Entrance to the Demo RoomIn the short period that I have been coordinating events at the RD&T Center, we have delighted customers from a variety of industries including: education, energy, finance, government, healthcare, and technology. At Chatsworth, we recognize that each customer has specific and unique requirements and we are happy to customize each visit to accomplish every customer’s goals. In April, client requests ranged from cabinet solution overviews to examination of the Vertical Exhaust Duct System and N-Series Teraframe™ Cabinet System to understanding the benefits of CPI Passive Cooling®. For companies who are simply interested in exploring CPI, we recommend a company and product overview visit. Overall, the RD&T Center truly allows for customer visits to be an entirely unique and comprehensive event.

Thermal Test LabAs the RD&T Center Coordinator, I have personally enjoyed working with every customer that has visited the RD&T Center. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive regarding CPI’s professional employees, modern facility, and quality products. To learn more or to schedule a visit to CPI’s Research, Development and Training Center please call 512-868-6070 or visit www. Lindsay Klein, RD&T Center Coordinator

Posted by Lindsay Klein, RD&T Center Coordinator at 10/11/2011 09:40:52 AM

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