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Passive Cooling is Simple and Effective

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Affluent-Cabinet-Animation.gifIf you’re like me, you like to put things in simple terms so that you can fully grasp the concept. What is the simplest way to explain passive cooling? In my opinion, without adding anything to the equation (literally), passive cooling means you make the best use of what is already there – in this case, ai

While passive cooling looks complicated on paper, it’s actually quite easy to understand if you break it down into components.

Let’s start with the heart of the system – the data center. Comprised of a number of servers, switches and more, the equipment in a data center must run efficiently. To do so, a data center must also have the proper environment. Creating this ideal space, without spending a fortune – well therein lies the challenge.

CPI’s approach to data center cooling is simple and effective. Our line of ducted equipment cabinets completely separates hot exhaust air from the cool air in the room. CPI pioneered the “chimney” cabinet which uses a duct to funnel hot air into the drop ceiling where it can be returned to the cooling unit. No more hot spots. No more recirculation. This concept, called CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions, has been tested and proven.

We currently offer three styles of cabinets that support passive cooling technology: F-Series TeraFrame, N-Series TeraFrame and SteelFrame. The N-Series TeraFrame uses passive cooling but does not employ a chimney, but rather an internal air duct designed to convert the side-to-side airflow to front-to-rear airflow so that it is still possible to use a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration when deploying side-breathing switches.

In addition to our thermal products, we offer a complete line of cable management and power products as well as some of the highest load ratings in the market.

Rely on Chatsworth Products to help you select the appropriate cabinet and passive cooling accessories for your data center installation. We also offer on-site consultation, airflow modeling and exceptional technical support. Just give us a call at 800-834-4969 or email us at [email protected]. Our international customers can find a complete contact list here. Tom Bradley, Technical Support Manager


Posted by Jeff Cihocki at 10/11/2011 10:18:12 AM

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