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Customers Find Unique Ways to Mount Runway on Varying Height Cabinets

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Ladder Rack on CabinetsNote: Please refer to blog article: Best Way to Mount Cable Runway on Cabinets of Varying Heights for CPI's solution to this challenge.

How can you mount ladder racking on top of different height cabinets? It's a common problem that many in our industry face. Because of the recent trend of migrating under floor cabling to overhead in order to allow optimize airflow and ensure best practice for cable maintenance, more and more customers will experience this dilemma. Recently, we had two customers who came up with two different and very good ideas for solving this issue.

Threaded Ceiling KitRecently, one of our UK Certified Installer Partners (CIP’s), Impact Data Systems, needed to secure ladder racking to the tops of various heights of cabinets. This was something unexpected which happened on site therefore they needed to work quickly and use the materials they had locally available. To solve this issue, what they cleverly did was to use the Threaded Ceiling Kit, P/N 11310-003 but mounted them upside down so that they could attach them to the cabinets rather than the ceiling.

Adjustable Floor Support StandsSimilarly, one of our customers in Italy had the same issue but opted to use the Adjustable Floor Support Stands, P/N 11236-701 to successfully accomplish the same thing.

I thought these were both very clever and easy ways to solve this problem – and could be helpful to other partners out there. Lauren Tucker,  Area Sales Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

Posted by Lauren Tucker,  Area Sales Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) at 10/11/2011 09:57:32 AM


Impact Data Solutions (not systems Lauren! ;0)) are regularly faced with the same issue where Network and IDF rows, usually made up of 2 and 4 post frames, feed server rows with cabinet heights around the 48U mark.

We install a 4U frame to the runway above the server rows and pre-cable the whole DC prior to cabinet installation. This enables our customers to be ready for switch on from the day the fully configured cabinets are rolled into position, without any time delays.

We install 6" cabinet elevation kits, to give us enough room to route copper and fibre patches safely into the top of the server cabinets but this means that we have an extended height to achieve above the 4 and 2 post frames to fix the runway to.

Using the threaded ceiling kit upside down fixed to a rack to runway mounting plate enables us to get a rock solid support above the Network/IDF row. One other point to note is that the ceiling kit is available in seperate parts as you will not need the full length of threaded rod for each elevation.
Posted by: Robbie Williams at 3/25/2010 5:45 AM

Can you share photos? If so, you can e-mail me at [email protected] Our customers routinely request installation photos and it would be great to share.
Posted by: Samuel Rodriguez at 3/26/2010 9:52 AM

We have a done a little better than that! Follow this link: to view the installation in action!
Posted by: Robbie Williams at 3/31/2010 3:05 AM

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