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Chatsworth Employee Owners Are Top Participants in Relay for Life

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Chatsworth Products, Inc employees participated in the 15th Annual Relay for Life event held in New Bern, NC recently. The event raised more than $320,000 for cancer research. The Craven County event, where New Bern is located, had a total of 1,090 participants. All of the CPI Relay for Life Team members ranked in the top 100 participants.

CPI's Inventory Control Supervisor, Tammy Witham shared with us the reason she gets involved with the cause. “Everyone is affected by cancer either directly or indirectly. We all have family, friends and co-workers that have been through this horrific experience. I relay in hopes that future diagnosis are fewer and that those who are diagnosed have greater and easier survival opportunity.”

The 2009 Chatsworth team was very busy this year with fundraising activities. They held weekly hot dog luncheons and bake sales with everyone’s favorite home-made goodies like brownies, cup-cakes, and cookies.

Participant, Terry Tyndall from our Customer Service Department said, “It takes a lot of teamwork to make this work. We have to get supplies and be willing to pay out of our own pocket for items, as well as selling hotdogs, raffle tickets, baking and just asking for donations.”

They also raffled off an Easter basket and a $100 Wal-Mart gift card. The basket filled with lots of festive treats was won by Jerry Guy from our Information Systems - Data Services Team and the Wal-Mart gift card was won by cancer survivor, John Bennett from the eMarketing Team. Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist

Posted by Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:41:12 AM

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