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Will EN 50600 Revolutionize the Future of Data Centers in Europe?

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Data Centres

A new European Standard for data centers, EN 50600, will have a significant effect on the future design of data center facilities and infrastructures across Europe. EN 50600 is being developed by CEN, an independent European Committee for Standardization. 

The EN 50600 breaks down into seven important schemes, which include aspects of the design and construction of data centers, as well as the fields of management and operation:

  • EN 50600-2-1. Building construction
  • EN 50600-2-2. Power distribution
  • EN 50600-2-3. Environmental control
  • EN 50600-2-4. Telecommunications cabling infrastructure
  • EN 50600-2-5. Security Systems
  • EN 50600-2-6. Management and operation information

Scheduled to be completed by the first quarter of 2016, EN 50600 is closely aligned with ANSI/TIA-942-A-2012 and TIA’s four levels of availability system

If you are considering building a new data center or retrofitting an existing one, things to consider include: 

  • EN 50600 standard builds on existing standards, but goes beyond those standards, including security and power to environmental controls
  • EN 50600 is holistic and addresses all aspects of data center infrastructure and facilities
  • Each part of the standard interlinks with the other parts to provide a coordinated approach
  • The new standard provides the room to build improvements as technologies develop 

EN 50600 Telecommunications Cabling Infrastructure Standard

Data center managers in the region will be interested in the new standards for cabling infrastructure. When it comes to cabinets, there are only a few requirements and recommendations. For example, one of the recommendations is the use of using cable management systems with no horizontal rack usage for high-density configurations. 

"Former standard recommendations suggested the use of a 2U horizontal cable manager for every 2U of patch panel usage. This standard, while still valid, resulted in half of the rack space being used manage the cables. As awareness of space optimization has increased considerably in recent years, the standards have progressed to create a more efficient way to properly manage the cables while increasing density," explains Luca Rozzoni, Chatsworth Products' Sr. Product Manager in Europe.

A combination of angled patch panels (24 position) and high-density vertical cable managers will eliminate the need to have horizontal cable managers, hence doubling the rack density.  Potentially, this density can even quadruple if a high-density patch panel (48 position) is used instead. 

To learn how our products support this new standard, contact our European Office

By CJ Castillo, Technology Writer

Posted by By CJ Castillo, Technology Writer at 01/29/2016 01:38:47 PM

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