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Protect Equipment with Thermal Management Accessories for RMR® Industrial Enclosures

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Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers a comprehensive line of filter fans and cooling units that provide superior thermal management to help protect the life of the electronic equipment in environments that require NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 protection. These products are for use with RMR® modular and wall-mount enclosures in nonhazardous environments. Three cooling methods are available to address different applications and requirements:

RMR Modular Enclosure Filter Fan

Forced Convention with Filter Fans

If the installation is in a clean, nonhazardous environment with an ambient (outside the enclosure) temperature range that is lower than the temperature required in the enclosure, a simple forced-convection cooling system utilizing outside air is adequate. CPI offers Filter Fans that meet the heat removal needs of typical electronic equipment. Filter Fans are used to propel the cool ambient air into the enclosure and include fan housing, fan, filter and installation hardware. 


  • High system airflow: Creates airflow through the enclosure to actively exhaust heat from the enclosure
  • Tool-less installation: Patented, four-corner click mechanism allows quick, tool-less installation
  • High-Performance seal: Closed frame prevents unfiltered air from penetrating the enclosure
  • 300% longer service life: Large surface filter mat allows for a high filtration level, greater fan service life and maximum airflow, saving time and money 

Natural Convention with Filter Kit

Filter kits can be effective when the amount of heat being removed from your enclosure is minimal. Filters can be used in either intake (when combined with Filter Fans) or exhaust applications (ideal). If installing a combination of Filter Fans and exhaust filters, fit the Filter Fans in the lower third of the cabinet and the exhaust filter(s) near the top of the cabinet for optimum airflow. Recommended methods are shown below.

RMR Airflow with Filter Kit

RMR Modular Enclosure Cooling UnitClosed Loop Cooling Units

Closed-loop cooling is required when the ambient temperature is greater than the target internal temperature of the enclosure, or when higher ingress protection (NEMA Type 12 rating) is necessary. CPI offers closed-loop cooling units by Pfannemberg, which consist of two separate circulation systems. One system seals out the ambient air, cooling and recirculating clean, cool air throughout the enclosure. The second system uses ambient air to remove and discharge the heat. 


  • Closed-loop design: Designed to isolate the external ambient air from the internally conditioned air eliminating the risk of contaminants entering the cabinet
  • Climate regulation: Cooling units regulate the enclosure climate and maintain low humidity in the enclosure environment, avoiding premature aging and overheating of electrical equipment
  • Hermetically sealed compressor: The absence of any refrigerant fill valves eliminates leak paths. Recharging is never needed. 100% cooling capacity efficiency is ensured
  • Thermal Expansion Valve: Regulates the flow of refrigerant based on thermal demand for efficient performance over the entire operating temperature range 

To make the most of your RMR Enclosure, learn more about our comprehensive line of value-added thermal accessories to complement its functionality and ease of use.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 07/20/2017 02:13:05 PM

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