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New Tool-less Runway Accessories Simplify Pathway Installation

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Chatsworth Products recently introduced three new cable pathway products that feature tool-less installation, which saves time and simplifies adds, moves and changes. These new cable management products can be used on a variety of CPI Cable Runway.

Tool-less Pathway Dividers

Use CPI’s Pathway Dividers to divide cable runway into multiple pathways, and organize them by media type or destination. The patent-pending hinged design allows the divider to open and wrap around the cross member, then snap closed using our Click-Secure Technology. Dividers are compatible with all styles of CPI Runway products. To view the Tool-less Pathway Divider in 3D, click here

Tool-less Cross Member and Stringer Radius Drops

The Tool-less Cross Member Radius Drops and Tool-less Stringer Radius Drops promote proper bend radius by supporting and guiding cables as they enter and exit the runway. They can be positioned at any location along the runway. 

The Tool-less Cross Member Radius Drops can be positioned over or between cross members because it is supported by the stringer rather than the cross member. No need for tools. They support and guide cable loads as they enter and exit the runway, allowing cables to maintain proper bend radius. To view the Tool-less Cross Member Radius Drop in 3D, click here

The Tool-less Stringer Radius Drops feature simple, tool-less installation by slipping over Runway Stringer and clamping into position. To view the Tool-less Stringer Radius Drop in 3D, click here.

Both radius drops are compatible with CPI’s Universal (10250), TELCO (11252), UL Classified (11275) and Adjustable Cable Runway (14300).

The flexibility of these products, when combined with the new Adjustable Cable Runway, provides easy customization for hard-to-manage pathway areas above racks, cabinets and cable managers.

To learn more about these accessories, click here

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 01/28/2016 08:30:57 AM

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