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Insights from Thought Leaders Part 1: Data Centers Power the Digital Transformation

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Oman Data ParkChatsworth Products (CPI) recently participated in Data Center Frontier’s Executive Roundtable, which featured four thought leaders and showcased their insights on a variety of topics. 

Today, we'll discuss the first of four topics, which focuses on the increased need for data and the impact to the data center sector. Data Center Frontier presented thought leaders with the opportunity to answer this question:

“The digital transformation of our society is creating enormous volumes of data, even ahead of the mainstream adoption of next-generation technologies like 5G wireless, the Internet of Things, augmented reality and autonomous vehicles. As this deluge of data looms on the horizon, what are the implications for the data center industry, and how and where all this data is stored and analyzed?”   

“As digital transformation unfolds, the impact to the data center will be significant…This implies a significant continued need in increased storage capacity and throughput at the data center as well as the edge. Further, as we see the rollout of 5G across the industry, and with increased usage of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and Deep Neural Networks, we expect an even further emphasis on data being stored close to the endpoint.” – Dennis VanLith, Senior Director of Global Product Management and one of the founders at CPI.

“...One of the most important of these (innovations) is the maturity of AI and its usage in parsing and connecting trending information from disperse data streams. This is the area where the data center has not experienced the complete picture of how to utilize even basic machine learning algorithms to optimize process or drive predictive maintenance effectively. As DCIM and other mainstream tools move into SaaS solutions, they will refine these capabilities and probably try to educate the consumer as to the fine usages and results.” – Jeff Klaus, General Manager of Intel Data Center Software Solutions

“The insights that enterprises can derive from the data they are gathering from sensors, web systems and other sources can be incredibly valuable…With ease of use comes expansion of the systems, the data, and the transport necessary to facilitate it. Data Center providers like us have a number of opportunities, and a number of responsibilities, relative to this. It’s incumbent on us to really understand the systems that are generating the data and the uses the data is being put to, so that we can truly act as a partner to our enterprise customers.” – Erich Sanchack, EVP of Operations at Digital Realty

“Several architectures are likely to emerge based upon the volume and nature of the data and the application (life critical, video, social, business, etc.). Those models will ensure data is captured and acted upon at the right point in the system to deliver the value, service and SLAs required for the application. Of course data privacy and cybersecurity issues will need to be addressed.” – Jack Pouchet, VP of Market Development at Vertiv

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve and Edge Computing becomes more common, managing assets and white space remotely becomes more challenging. A comprehensive and reliable solution that works together to simplify operation, costs and labor, as well as allows for network expansion is key. CPI recommends a cabinet ecosystem. Learn more by downloading the complimentary white paper.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist 

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist  at 03/20/2018 09:04:46 AM

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