How to Remotely Manage Cabinet Access with Chatsworth Products' (CPI) New eConnect® Electronic Access Control | Chatsworth Products
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Simple Web-based Software Simplifies Cabinet Access Management

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eConnect SoftwareeConnect® Electronic Access Control (EAC) is Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) economical networked locking solution. When combined with CPI's eConnect Power Distribution Units (PDUs), it provides simplified cabinet access and power management. 

Both eConnect EAC and PDUs use a single software interface to remotely manage cabinet access and power delivery. The highly functional and intuitive software interface allows users to set alarm thresholds, clone up to 32 PDUs with Secure Array IP Consolidation, group outlets in order to monitor multiple outlets at once and remotely view and log and manage cabinet door status. With the introduction of the new eConnect EAC, new features, tabs and options were added, including: 

Status tab: View the status of the front and rear door and lock. The status will show closed and unlocked, closed and locked or completely opened.

Cabinet Access tab: View and manage the status of the two doors attached to the cabinet where the PDU resides (if there is a connection to a CPI EAC). You’ll also be able to view the most recent cabinet door opens/closes.

Logging tab: View log entries of each PDU, including cabinet access information. Then export log entries for audit and regulatory compliance purposes.

Notification Routing tab: Specify how you would like to be notified of an alarm event for a PDU/EAC. You can choose to have an entry in the Syslog file, a trap sent via and have an email notification sent.

Please note that eConnect EAC integrates with eConnect PDUs that have ports labeled Aux 1 and Aux 2 only. 

Watch a short video to get a look at the updated software. You can also test-drive CPI's built-in eConnect PDU software to experience all the rich capabilities of this highly functional and user-friendly interface. 

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer and Public Relations Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, Technical Writer and Public Relations Specialist at 03/06/2018 01:09:44 PM

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