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How Can a Single Supplier Simplify Your White Space Management? Find Out.

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Data centers, over time, continue to become more complex and the need for cohesive white space management increases. The integration of the data center equipment—specifically, the cabinet—with hardware and software into a single platform helps data center managers gain visibility and understanding of the different dynamics within their data center to make informed decisions.

Selecting a supplier or suppliers to help you with this integration of IT infrastructure, hardware and software is likely one of the biggest, most strategic decisions your business will make. 

In a time where there is much debate over whether a business should choose a single supplier or opt for multiple suppliers, consider a few key benefits of selecting a single source supplier to help you simplify white space.

How Can a Single Supplier Help You Simplify White Space?

  • Provide a fully integrated solution—A fully integrated solution that includes instrumentation and software to combine all the key elements of white space management (infrastructure, hardware and software) makes overall deployment and ongoing management much simpler and economical.
  • Enable easy sourcing and deliver as a complete cabinet solution—As more colocation and remote compute sites emerge in the future, the overall time to get these sites up and running will become more critical. Preinstalled infrastructure equipment with cabinet, such as power distribution units (PDUs), electronic access locks and environmental sensors, significantly saves overall deployment time.
  • Allow for modification of standard product, if required—Each data center is unique. If you require a feature that is not part of the standard offer, your vendor should be able to work with you to customize the system. For example, you may require a special mounting bracket, modified panel work on the cabinet or require specialized kitting.
  • Offer pre- and post-sale services—Understanding the exact requirements for your site may require onsite consultation, comparison of various scenarios and demonstration and testing of monitoring. During your installation, you may need some assistance. After commissioning, you may need access to technical support or firmware updates. Finally, you should know what the warranty period is and if it includes advanced replacement for power and electronic products.

To learn more about how you can simplify white space, watch a video below.


Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 01/31/2019 12:33:13 PM

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