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Geek Out with GeekBeat TV and CPI’s Products

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GeekBeatTV, one of the world’s most recognized news brand that enlightens, educates and entertains geeks all around on technology, gadgets and science just got better.

That’s because the company’s new telecommunication room and broadcast studio is now filled with Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) GF-Series GlobalFrame® Cabinets, OnTrac® Wire Mesh Cable Tray, Cable Runway and accessories.

With the company’s growth prospects and future plans, there was an urgent need for an upgraded telecom/broadcast room that could provide a safe and sturdy environment for equipment. 

GeekBeatTV wanted the best, so they turned to CPI.

“These products will make a huge difference in our working lives,” they stated.

The crew was so excited, they shot a step-by-step video of how the products will be set up in the room, with explanations for each of the unique features of CPI cabinets and cable management products.     

Check out the video below.


Posted by Raissa Carey at 07/17/2014 07:30:34 AM

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