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The Cloud: A Rising Hot Topic in 2011

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BLOG The Cloud.jpgWith 2011 just around the corner, the information technology industry is already buzzing about next year’s big thing – cloud computing. Known simply as “the cloud,” this form of data computing, storage and backup is most easily understood for where it exists… the Internet.

By providing shared use of software and information over the web, the cloud essentially seeks to reduce the number of physical-layer servers in a given data center or computer room environment. Of course, the data being transmitted through the cloud doesn’t simply disappear into the ether. It becomes part of a larger central hub, stored on high density machines, then made remotely accessible to those companies and corporations who’ve decided to yield physical storage of their data to a third-party.

While cloud computing offers companies an attractive option towards slashing budgets for the cost of physical, on-site data storage, the fundamental value of instant access, security, control and troubleshooting does come into play. Recent issues like identity theft, corporate hacking and cyber attacks might make some hesitant to transfer data storage off-site, while others may see the benefit of letting cloud experts, well versed in high security storage, oversee their critical information instead.

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is a driving factor in IT innovation. As the volume of data increases at exponential rates, those tasked with managing it must reconcile their fears with bottom line needs. At the center of it all, data storage, whether in a large-scale cloud computing environment or a small-scale computer room, is a necessity that demands a solution.

At Chatsworth Products, Inc., we’re no strangers to innovation and progress. We know the cloud and we know the shade it can offer in lean economic times. We also know that if a storm starts brewing overhead, we have the ability to help your organization develop and maintain your own data center, computer room or premise network. Either way, we’ll have you covered.

Posted by Jeff Cihocki at 10/11/2011 10:22:57 AM

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