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System Integration

System Integration

Combining the various functions of the data center with its daily structural support needs in a simple yet high-performing system is the fastest path to maximum data center efficiency. It’s what Chatsworth Products (CPI) calls Simply Efficient™. 

A Simply Efficient™ data center solution promotes reduced power consumption and operational costs, higher operating efficiencies and effective cooling without complex systems.

By integrating the data center cabinet with hardware and software into a single platform, data center managers can truly gain visibility and understanding of the different dynamics within the data center to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, the integration of IT infrastructure, hardware and software from the same manufacturer eliminates the challenges and confusion that result from pairing different products from different providers.

Robust data center cabinet

High-density cabinets provide future readiness and allow for optimal use of floor space.

CPI’s data center cabinets are engineered with high-quality materials and expert design to provide maximum space utilization and protection for equipment in high-density environments. Whether you choose between GF-Series GlobalFrame® or F-Series TeraFrame® family of cabinets, you will be able to address critical concerns such as good airflow, cable and power management practices, grounding and bonding, etc.

Reliable power management

Power up the cabinet with CPI’s eConnect® power distribution units (PDU), a line of intelligent PDUs that can resist power loads of up to 17kW and that can withstand high temperatures of 65°C (149°C). 

eConnect also features Secure Array® IP consolidation technology, which allows users to link up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address; and Click Secure locking outlets, which prevents accidental disconnections. Newer generation of eConnect also integrate with eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC).

Simple environmental monitoring

Prevent downtime with a simple and automated environmental monitoring solution that alerts you for critical thresholds. CPI’s eConnect PDUs are provisioned with environmental ports for environmental probes so users have the ability to remotely monitor, record and analyze environmental conditions at the cabinet level. For a more robust solution, CPI also offers Remote Infrastructure Management Systems (RIM-1000 and RIM-750).

Remote electronic access control

Improve the physical security of your data center with eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC), a networked locking solution for data center cabinets that allows data center managers to keep a log entry of each cabinet access remotely, adding another layer of security at the cabinet level.

eConnect EAC fully integrates with vertical eConnect PDUs, removing the need to network and power the locks separately. The result is a single PDU-based interface to manage power, environmental conditions and cabinet access.

Intelligent data center reporting and management

Power IQ® for eConnect®, a DCIM software, turns the measurements and alerts from the eConnect PDU, environmental monitoring and access control into actionable information. Track usage against known capacity, identify areas for improvement and measure results in a simple yet robust interface to improve site performance.

Speedy deployment

Take advantage of CPI’s ability to preinstall eConnect PDUs and EAC into a cabinet before it ships. The complete data center enclosure and power solutions will ship together making ordering, tracking and installation easier.

9/27/2022 3:31:30 AM