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CPI Security Solutions

To ensure the integrity of your network and the equipment that comprises it, it is essential to employ security solutions that provide proper structural support, organization and monitoring capabilities to protect not only your equipment, but the high volume of critical and sensitive information you store and deal with on a daily basis.

Enhanced security solutions should be especially important to those in:

Across this wide spectrum of industries and business needs, CPI offers a variety of scalable solutions that enhance the security of your mission critical environment. Beyond the structural integrity of our racks, cabinets, cable management systems and different-sized enclosures for applications both large and small, these CPI solutions also offer customers the unique ability to customize their infrastructure for optimal security concerns.

Whether it’s a small wall-mount rack or enclosure to house important digital video recorders (DVR) in a convenience store, or a large-scale cabinet system with power management and electronic access control, and off-site monitoring for a Fortune 500 company, CPI is ready to ensure the security of your network on every project.

2/2/2023 1:58:25 PM