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Data Centers

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The Foundation for Simplified, Reliable Operation

The convergence of technologies into the Internet of Things (IoT), and the increasing demand for lower latency and faster processing, require a holistic approach to the data center. Infrastructure, hardware and software can no longer be addressed as separate systems.

The most effective and direct path to availability and reliability is promoting the cohesive integration between the cabinet, power distribution, access control, software and the facility itself—establishing a cabinet ecosystem that provides the foundation for simplified, reliable operation.

CPI’s cabinet ecosystem solution is the groundwork for you to successfully support, organize, manage, control, monitor, protect, optimize and simplify your operations.



Ensure maximum space utilization and protection for equipment in high-density environments. Whether you choose between GF-Series GlobalFrame® or F-Series TeraFrame® Family of Cabinets, you will be able to support critical concerns such as good airflow, cable and power management practices and grounding and bonding, as well as support for system integration.


Include accessories to create specific and physically separate pathways for power and network cables and mounting locations for power distribution units (PDUs) to minimize interference with airflow through the cabinet. 


Reduce data center cooling costs with proper airflow management (your containment strategy). CPI’s cabinets feature optimal door perforation for front-to-rear airflow, and are compatible with patented Vertical Exhaust Ducts, which are a highly efficient, cabinet-based alternative to Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Containment.


Monitor and control power to equipment within the cabinet with CPI’s eConnect® PDUs—a line of intelligent PDUs that can deliver power loads of up to 17 kW, and withstand high temperatures of 149°F (65°C). 

eConnect also features Secure Array® IP Consolidation, which allows users to link up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address, greatly reducing networking costs. In addition, Click Secure Locking Outlets prevent accidental disconnections. Newer generations of eConnect also integrate with eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC).


Prevent downtime with a simple and automated environmental monitoring solution that alerts you to critical thresholds. CPI’s eConnect PDUs are provisioned with environmental ports for environmental probes, so users have the ability to remotely monitor, record and analyze environmental conditions at the cabinet level. 


Improve the physical security of your data center with eConnect EAC, a networked locking solution for data center cabinets that allows data center managers to keep a log entry of each cabinet access attempt—adding another layer of security at the cabinet level.

eConnect EAC fully integrates with vertical eConnect PDUs, removing the need to network and power the locks separately. The result is a single PDU-based interface to manage power, environmental conditions and cabinet access. 


CPI’s DCIM software, Power IQ® for eConnect, turns the measurements and alerts from the eConnect PDU, environmental monitoring and access control into actionable information. Improve site performance, track usage against known capacity, test failover capability and identify areas for improvement from a simple, yet elegant interface.


Take advantage of CPI’s ability to preinstall eConnect PDUs and EAC into a cabinet before it ships. The complete data center enclosure and power solutions will ship together, making ordering, tracking and installation easier.

What makes the CPI cabinet ecosystem better?

  • Improves energy efficiency and reduces cooling costs 
  • Minimizes network connections and cost for cabinet-level monitoring 
  • Enables easy sourcing and delivered as a complete cabinet solution 
  • Provides a single integrated system for power management, environmental sensors as well as electronic access locks
  • Provides the ability to discover and centrally manage all supported equipment
  • Allows for modification of standard product, if required 
  • Offers pre- and post-sale services and industry-leading warranties
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