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Power Distribution Units

eConnect PDU DisplayPower Distribution Units (PDU) provide advanced power distribution with optional network monitoring and controllable outlets.

High-density computing means complex power distribution, monitoring and reporting. CPI offers a wide range of power products that help reduce the complexity of delivering power to equipment, including 3-phase PDUs equipped with power monitoring that stretches across the enterprise. Also accessible through an IP connection, your IT team can monitor anything from anywhere—all the way down to the device level. 

eConnect® PDUs

CPI's eConnect® PDUs are a new generation of intelligent power distribution products that connect you to your evolving enterprise data center. Designed to withstand the heat loads of any hot aisle environment and available in more than 180 standard configurations, eConnect PDUs are delivered ready to manage your power distribution needs.


Try These Power Tools

eConnect® Online Demo
Test the intuitive interface and functionality of eConnect PDUs.

eConnect Online Tools

Power Selector 
Select the best power product for your application by narrowing down options based on your requirements. You can compare up to four products at once, and then email or print the results.

eConnect Secure Array - eConnectPDU_Secure_Array.pngeConnect® Secure Array® Savings Estimator  
Find out how much money you can save with IP consolidation using this easy calculator.

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