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Manufacturing Industry

As today’s large scale and small scale manufacturers know, the successful product line doesn’t operate without a solid foundation of data center storage and logistic functionality.

Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) delivers on all fronts, offering those IT professionals and architects in the manufacturing industry a solid set of storage, security and monitoring equipment that helps boost productivity in the workplace and maintain accurate and timely record keeping behind the scenes.

The need for more IT infrastructure in existing manufacturing plants and warehouses also places increased emphasis on building out your data center and network storage through careful planning and updating of existing equipment.

At CPI, our experts will help your organization optimize, store and secure the valuable IT equipment that will propel your business to higher degrees of success and profitability in the future. Better still, we know a thing or two about the manufacturing business – it’s what CPI is founded upon and what we do best.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand the value of mobile and modular equipment storage, and how it allows for future build-out. This means the size and scope of your IT equipment must not hinder the growth of your manufacturing and warehouse floor space – a key consideration we’re more than capable of handling for you with comprehensive on-site visits and consultations.

As the platform for IT equipment and stable storage of that equipment becomes apparent, so too does the need to properly secure and monitor your valuable information. CPI offers many value-added products and solutions to ensure and maintain trustworthy security across your entire enterprise and network.

Other key factors that CPI takes into careful consideration when helping to plan and/or equip your IT needs within the manufacturing realm deal with minimizing the cross-contamination of valuable IT equipment through dust and particle debris from nearby assembly lines and product floor space.

Here at CPI, we understand the importance of consolidated space. That’s why we offer a full assortment of small, modular support solutions that transition to new workspaces easily. Products such as wall-mount racks and cabinets offer a level of trusted convenience that becomes an asset on any manufacturing floor.

2/2/2023 1:57:47 PM