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Finance Industry

In an industry where every penny counts and downtime spells disaster for businesses and customers alike, those in banking and finance must ensure the operational integrity and security of their IT infrastructure.

At Chatsworth Products (CPI), we’ve worked with many of the world’s largest and most prominent financial institutions to plan, implement and equip data centers and other assorted premise networks for optimal performance.

As those in the financial industry will attest, strong structural support begins with a rigorous evaluation process. Here at CPI, engineers and product managers give careful consideration to how financial organizations will utilize emerging technologies to better serve their customers. Through this evaluation, CPI’s structural designs and products support future growth and build-out opportunities.

Whether you’re tasked with outfitting your organization’s main data center hub or simply looking to optimize the equipment in a variety of bank branch environments, Chatsworth Products has the infrastructure solutions to match your space.

Likewise, because financial institutions are tasked with the all-important job of managing and protecting people’s hard-earned assets, security is another huge issue for reliable IT infrastructure. Just as CPI offers financial organizations a full breadth of product offerings for thermal, cable and power management, so too do our physical security solutions give you valuable peace of mind when handling high-volume transactions. 

6/9/2023 7:06:37 PM