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Pemsa® Rejiband® Wire Mesh Cable Tray

PEMSA_BLACK_TRAY_ON_CABINET_200x134_RGB72Pemsa® Rejiband® Wire Mesh Tray System is a complete pathway solution that can be supported from the wall, ceiling, floor or from the tops of CPI Rack and Cabinet Systems.



Availability: United States, Canada

Pemsa Rejiband Wire Mesh Tray System features a unique construction with a rounded safety edge along the top of each wire that protects installers and cables from getting cut. For corrosion resistance in wet environments, the proprietary zinc-plated, black finish, meets resistance IEC 61537 Class C8, while retaining the ease of bonding properties of traditional zinc-plated tray.

 Pemsa Rejiband Features: 

  • Increased safety—Unique construction ensures the tops of trays are rounded and smooth to protect installers and cables from cuts. 
  • Flexible pathway—Tray can be cut and formed into turns and transitions using standard splices, simplifying design and components selection.  
  • Fast installation—A range of fast-connecting splices and supports speed assembly and installation. 
  • Electrical continuity—Zinc plating allows bonding through splice connections for electrical continuity.  
  • High corrosion resistanceThe BLACK C8® finish meets resistance class EN 61537 Class C8, delivering corrosion resistance almost equivalent to stainless steel.
  • Wide range of accessories—Allows quick interface with electrical fittings and superior support when transitioning network cables.

Pemsa Rejiband Wire Mesh Tray System replaces OnTrac Wire Mesh Cable Tray.

For product recommendations, OnTrac-to-Pemsa cross references or Pemsa material takeoffs, please contact CPI Technical Support at 800-834-4969 or [email protected].




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