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Canadian Product Showroom and Customer Conference Center

Canadian Office

Chatsworth Products invites you to visit our sales office, state-of-the-art Product Showroom and Customer Conference Center in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan, Ontario.
This spacious 3,800-square-foot facility provides CPI’s Canadian team with a centrally-located and generously-equipped base of operations for meeting all of Canada’s most pressing IT infrastructure needs.
With a Product Showroom, Customer Conference Center, offices, workstations and a full range of amenities, the facility represents CPI’s commitment to the Canadian IT industry, as well as the global diversity of our solutions. Learn more about the facility’s core components and schedule your own visit below.


Product Showroom

Canada Office ShowroomFeaturing state-of-the-art design and spacious floor plan, the Product Showroom displays CPI products in their natural environment – that of the modern data center and computer equipment room, complete with a raised floor configuration.

From a hardware and hands-on perspective, the showroom includes the following CPI products and solutions:

In this unique environment, the raised floor data center configuration also offers Canada’s IT professionals a first-hand glimpse into the company’s global reputation as innovators in thermal management and airflow solutions for data centers.

This includes the crown jewel of the Canadian Product Showroom – a CPI Aisle Containment Solution. Bringing together the best elements of CPI infrastructure, CPI Aisle Containment forms a highly energy efficient data center cooling solution complete with a self-closing door mechanism for added convenience. 


Canada Office Conference Center

Customer Conference Center

The CPI Canadian Customer Conference Center offers visitors a comfortable and fully connected high-tech environment in which to network and interface with CPI Sales Managers, Technical Experts and like-minded industry professionals.

The space is ideal for:

  • Small or large customer meetings
  • Special presentations on CPI products and solutions
  • Professional accreditation training courses
  • Interactive webcasts
  • Video- and tele-conferencing
  • Lunch n' Learns and much more

Supported by an array of audio/visual equipment (high-definition and large-screen projector, flat-screen television, high-definitionVoIP phone connection and high-speed internet), the Customer Conference Center accommodates all needs and is ready for your visit.


Location & Hours

The CPI Canadian facility is conveniently located in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan, Ontario, easily accessible from nearby international airports and the Canada-United States border near Buffalo, N.Y.

Chatsworth Products
81 Zenway Blvd., Unit 1
Vaughan, Ontario L4H 0S5

Hours of Operation
9am to 5pm Eastern Time – Monday through Friday

Schedule a Visit to CPI’s Canadian facility
CPI invites you to visit our Canadian facility, speak with our staff, and get a hands-on look at our products and solutions in action. To schedule a visit or learn more about the facility, you may contact CPI’s Canadian Office Manager, Colleen Birnie, at 905-850-7770 or via email and we'll be in touch.

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