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The below software supports a variety of CPI's power and electronic products. Select the appropriate software link below. For assistance please contact our Technical Support Team.

eConnect® Power Distribution Units

For use with all Monitored, Monitored Pro, Switched & Switched Pro PDUs with firmware versions 2.x.xxx/3.x.xxx/4.x.xxx Please call Technical Support if upgrading firmware on units with existing version 1.x.xxx. 
 Software Download  Release  Date   Manual / Notes
 Firmware 4.4.211   12-20-2018 Use only with individual eConnect units with MCM3 or MCM2 controller; or if all units within Secure Array® have MCM3 or MCM2 controllers. This firmware revision will support integrated eConnect EAC when used with MCM3 controller-based eConnect units.

Please read Release Notes for details

  Firmware 3.1.239 / 2.23.175 08-03-2016 Use only with individual eConnect units with MCM1 controller with existing 2.x.xxx firmware rev; or if any units within Secure Array have MCM1 controller with 2.x.xxx firmware rev.  This firmware version does not support integrated eConnect EAC.

Please read Release Notes for details. 

 RESTful API User Guide 12-20-2018  
 SNMP MIB File  07-31-2018  
 Legacy MIB File  08-01-2015  
 Firmware Upgrader  10-20-2016 Use when Mass Firmware Upgrades are performed over the network.

Read User Manual for details.

Networked Electronic Access Control (EAC)

 Software Download  Release  Date 
  Firmware 4.4.211    12-20-2018
  SNMP MIB File  07-31-2018

 Software Download  Release Date   Use With This Product
IP KVMs    
 Console Setup Software  11-11-2011   IP KVM Switch With Cat 5/6 Ports
  IP KVM Switch With DB15 Ports

 Additional Power Distribution Units 

 MIB Files  1-21-2013   P/N 356XX- and 358XX-series Monitored and Controlled PDUs
 Serial Access Program*  10-25-2010   P/N 356XX- and 358XX-series Monitored and Controlled PDUs 

 Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) 

 RIM-1000 Firmware **   7-14-2014  RIM-1000
 RIM-1000 MIB   7-14-2014  RIM-1000
 RIM-750 Firmware   automatically downloaded by device  RIM-750
 Protocol Converter Firmware  7-14-2014  RIM Protocol Converter
 Protocol Converter MIB  7-14-2014  RIM Protocol Converter


*Serial Software allows you to access, configure, monitor and control select PDUs using a direct serial connection to a computer. Use the RJ-45 to DB-9 Serial Setup Cable (P/N 35941-131) to connect the PDU and computer. Note that PDUs manufactured after September 1, 2009 can be configured using a java-enabled web browser instead of the serial setup.

**Please contact Technical Support at 800-834-4969 prior to installing the RIM-1000 Firmware.

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