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Case Studies

At Chatsworth Products, we believe that success isn’t narrowly measured on an invoice sheet or an earnings report – it’s cultivated through the trust, reliability and satisfaction of each and every CPI customer and end-user.

That satisfaction is earned through a shared sense of purpose and commitment from CPI to delight the customer on each and every occasion, no matter the size, scope and time frame of the project at hand.

The following case studies highlight much (but not all) of what CPI does so well – exceptional customer service, a diligent and committed sales force, expert technical support, reliable consultation services, state-of-the-art analysis, and of course, world-class customized products and solutions for infrastructure projects of all kinds.



Chatsworth Products’ Passive Cooling® Technology Enables Colocation Provider to Double Rack Densities at Increased Operational Efficiencies

After significant growth, Xfernet needed to migrate its Los Angeles facility into a 14,000 square foot data center space with shallow raised floors, low ceilings and limited footprint for new cooling equipment. CPI’s data center cabinets and thermal management solutions helped the colocation provider to not only double rack densities, but also increase operational efficiencies and reduce PUE.
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Anthem Health - CPI_ANTHEM_BTS_RGB72.jpg

Anthem, Inc.

How do you transform a legacy data center with more than 1,000 cabinets into a model of efficiency? One calculated step at a time.

Anthem’s primary data center was experiencing growing pains typical of many legacy data centers—ensuring newer, higher-density equipment has enough space, power and cooling—without increasing operational costs. CFD models, a service of CPI, provided the road map for improvement, while CPI's GF-Series GlobalFrame™ Cabinets and Aisle Containment Solutions, made it a reality.
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AmerisourceBergen Industrial Application


Pharmaceutical Provider Protects Equipment in Distribution Warehouses with CPI's RMR® Industrial Enclosures

AmerisourceBergen, one of the world’s largest distributors of pharmaceuticals, supports a vital supply chain that is supported by an extensive IT infrastructure. When their equipment protection needs expanded into warehouse environments, they selected CPI's RMR® Industrial Enclosures and eConnect® Power Distribution Units to support their network in locations across the U.S.
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CPI Case Study SCCS

South Coast Copy Systems

Chatsworth Products’ Quality, Fit and Function Result in Showcase IT Room

When a small California company was ready to leap into growth and move into a bigger office, it assembled a project team that would best translate the company’s vision into a state-of-the-art showroom and command center. Known for its top quality IT infrastructure products and services, Chatsworth Products was the clear choice for the new IT room.
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Hot Aisle Containment Reduces Power Use and Boosts Sustainability in Basefarm’s Mission Critical Data Center

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Basefarm offers its customers advanced technology solutions, high-end cloud services, application management and colocation from its six data centers located throughout Europe. In response to growing demand for its colocation services, Basefarm designed and built a green, state-of-the-art data center–Basefarm Oslo 5.
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Scripps Networks Interactive

Scripps Networks Interactive Partners with Chatsworth Products to Make Data Center Design and Operations Easy

Scripps Networks was looking for a solution to simplify the fiber network in its data center, which is distributed overhead with a cross-connect back to the core. The company was an early adopter of CPI’s Evolution® Cable Management, which it currently deploys with CPI’s Two-Post Standard Racks to manage high-density cabling. Because the company had experienced such great success with Evolution Cable Management, it was an easy decision to use CPI’s reliable solutions throughout its data centers.
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Sparebank 1

SpareBank 1

How the “Lego Approach” Helped Norway Giant SpareBank 1 Create a Flexible Data Center

A few years ago, with business growing and the demand for data security and preservation on the rise, IT experts and executives at SpareBank 1 began the mission to improve the infrastructure of their data centers. It was in the spirit of their self-reliant approach to business that SpareBank 1 began the mission to upgrade their data center operations into state-of-the-art facilities that were tailored specifically to their organizational needs.
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CPI Case Study - CologixCase-Study-Emirates-Hotel.jpg

Regents Emirates Pearl Hotel

Regents Emirates Pearl Hotel Selects Chatsworth Products to Accommodate the Technological Needs of its Luxurious Space

To compete with the top hotels in the hospitality industry, Emirates Pearl Hotel teamed up with Atlas Telecom, a consulting and engineering firm, distributor, MultiNet Communications, and CPI to design and install a state-of-the-art data center to accommodate the technological needs of such a luxurious space.
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CPI Case Study - Cologix

Cologix, Inc.

 Custom Solution, Better Seals Allow Colocation Provider to Improve Airflow and Optimize Cooling Efficiencies

With a growing North American footprint across eight markets, Cologix required a high-quality and cost-effective solution to support and house structured cabling, power products and customer IT equipment for a data center expansion in the Dallas INFOMART carrier hotel. Cologix turned to CPI because of its quality, cost-effective and custom solutions.
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Menzies Aviation - Case-Study-Menzies.jpg

Menzies Aviation

Chatsworth Products Soars Menzies Aviation to New Heights with Custom Communications Room Solution

Menzies Aviation, a leading global provider of passenger, ramp and cargo services, stored all of its important and confidential information in a communications room that needed reconstruction to optimize airflow and improve cooling inefficiencies. So, Menzies Aviation partnered with Impact Data Solutions (IDS), a designer and installer of IT equipment, to help remodel the communications room.
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Oak Ridge Case Study

Oak Ridge City Schools

CPI Intelligent PDUs Play Powerful Role in Oak Ridge Schools’ New 1:1 Learning Initiative

The school district turned to CPI to deliver reliable PDUs, server cabinets with Vertical Exhaust Ducts and cable runway to support all the cabling it would need for the next few years.
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Nu Skin®

Nu Skin® Uses CPI Cabinets to Rejuvenate the Heart of its Business

As a billion-dollar enterprise in skin care and nutrition products, Nu Skin needed a data center that would keep pace with its continuously growing operation. The company’s current data center was small, outdated and did not have the proper redundancy to back up the systems. After testing several cabinet options, it was clear that CPI offered the best solutions to lead Nu Skin into the future with a new state-of-the-art data center.
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Shands Hospital Containment

University of Florida Health Shands Hospital

CPI Provides Florida’s First Free-Standing Hot Aisle Containment Solution to Premier Teaching Hospital

UF Health Shands’ new data center supports the entire hospital’s operation. It backs up and stores everything from patient and staff files, to security footage and accounting files. As a premiere teaching hospital, an efficient, reliable operation is critical for delivering the most comprehensive and high-quality care, which is why UF Health Shands Hospital returned to CPI for its state-of-the-art solutions and customization expertise.
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Telefonica Vivo - Case-Study-Telefonica-Vivo.jpg

Telefônica Vivo

CPI’s Cabinets Prepare Telefônica Vivo for the Future

Telefônica Vivo, the largest integrated telecom in South America, provides services to more than 100 million clients, half of Brazil’s population. Downtime can cost millions. Telefônica Vivo trusted CPI to provide a solution that not only helps sustain the network, but has made it the most energy-efficient data center in South America.
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Oman Data Park

Oman Data Park

Oman Data Park’s New Data Center Excels in Efficiency and Reliability

With a new and robust data center infrastructure from CPI, the IT service provider is now able to run more than 30kW per cabinet without overusing provision cooling.
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Hostirian Cold Aisle Containment


Cold Aisle Containment Reduces Power Consumption and Boosts Company Morale

Hostirian transformed 4,500 square feet of office space into an energy-efficient, cost-saving colocation data center using CPI's Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) Solution.
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TeleCommunications System Case Study

TeleCommunications Systems

TCS Uses Airflow Containment to Overcome Limited Power Availability and Win Two Awards

TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) overcomes limited power availability and wins two ASHRAE awards with a data center design that reduced power consumption and increased expansion capacity with CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions, white equipment cabinets and evaporative-only cooling.
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Shanghai Tobacco Case Study

Shanghai Tobacco

Shanghai Tobacco Recovery Data Center Designed as Showcase for Sustainability

Shanghai Tobacco, China’s largest manufacturer of tobacco products, set out to build its new disaster recovery data center with one goal in mind— plan for the future. Not only did that mean deploying data storage cabinets that helped reduce power usage through green technologies like CPI Passive Cooling®, it meant avoiding downtime that carries a potential price tag of ¥190 million ($30 million) a minute.
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State of Montana Case Study

State of Montana

State of Montana Data Center Finds Sustainability and Innovation through CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions

Trading in the wagon wheels of their ancestors for revolutionary new KyotoCooling® wheels and Passive Cooling® Solutions by Chatsworth Products (CPI), the State of Montana rolled into a new era of energy savings and security. This journey to become a model for green data centers across the nation has now reached a reality that few could ever dream of matching—a “cooling-only” power usage effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.1.
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Case Study - BendBroadband


BendBroadband Breaks New Ground as Oregon’s Greenest Tier III Colocation Data Center

BendBroadband wanted its colocation data center to be one of the most sustainable, reliable and secure colocation facilities in the entire state. BendBroadband put together an ambitious plan for the Vault, one that relied on a “free cooling” wheel, renewable energy sources, carbon credits and a range of cooling, cabinet and security solutions from Chatsworth Products.
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Phoenix Children Hospital Case Study

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Green Data Center Achieves 20% Efficiency Savings for Large Children’s Hospital  


For its recent $538 million expansion, Phoenix Children's Hospital created a highly energy efficient data center that complies with “Green Guide to Healthcare” principles. In addition to being “green,” it was critical that the data center solution support the many diverse systems needed to support a complex, evolving healthcare facility. This was an opportunity to lay the foundation for many years of community healthcare support.
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King County Case Study

King County

King County, Sabey Data Center Properties, and Chatsworth Products  

With Washington State's King County being the 14th most populated county in the nation and the home to Seattle, it’s no surprise that a state-of-the-art data center is in demand. That is where King County IT (KCIT) used the industry’s latest data center innovations, including custom made data cabinets, to help them meet rising demand in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner.
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Orlando Health

Modern Data Center that Provides an Estimated 30% Savings in Cooling Efficiency   


The healthcare industry is on a mission. With healthcare reform on the horizon and the need for more efficient systems for patient records and billing, information technology has become essential to the industry’s success. Dealing with life or death situations, healthcare professionals have only one chance to get it right, so the systems that support this mission must include a solid, robust network infrastructure.
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Telecity Case Study


Top Data Centre Provider Achieves 20% Efficiency Savings in New Facility


The As a company that is committed to minimising environmental impact, TelecityGroup wanted the new Powergate data centre to use the most
energy efficient design principles. Although their other data centre sites employed efficient practices using enclosed hot aisle solutions, they wanted the Powergate site to facilitate the use of high and lowdensity equipment in a single environment.
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CDW Case Study


Hosting Facility Utilizes Passive Cooling to Achieve Energy Efficient Results 


When designing the data center facility for CDW’s new enterprise hosting center, the most important issue that needed to be addressed, next to physical security, was the ability to provide adequate cooling to equipment in an energy efficient manner. When CDW learned about the innovative thermal management techniques that Chatsworth Products could offer with the F-Series TeraFrame® Cabinet System, they were immediately interested.
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Coaxis Case Study


Software Company Builds High-Performance Green Building with Showcase Data Center 

Coaxis wanted to create a workspace that was not only comfortable, cutting edge and energy efficient, but also contained a data center that visibly displayed the high-tech direction and capabilities of the company. Coaxis purchased 19 F-Series TeraFrame® Cabinets to populate their new data center.
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DBG Case Study


Passive Cooling® Solution Keeps Small Data Center Cool


DBG decided to move their IT and finance departments to their Shawson facility. The building’s second floor had to be renovated to accommodate the added office space and IT equipment.This was the perfect time for DBG to expand and upgrade the building’s small data center with a fresh and innovative approach. DBG decided to move forward and implement a ducted exhaust solution even though their data center is small.
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Notre Dame Case Study

University of Notre Dame

Meeting the Goals of Higher Education in a Continuously IT Driven World 


Notre Dame constantly faces the tasks and challenges associated with maintaining a current network infrastructure and planning for future changes. To meet the goals of higher education along with a continuously IT driven world, Notre Dame is wiring and installing IT infrastructure equipment in many newly constructed buildings while also re-wiring existing academic buildings and residence halls.
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Craven Community College Case Study

Craven Community College

CPI Helps Local Cisco® Academy Provide Real-Life Experience 


Craven Community College’s training facility used for their Cisco Academy and other IT training courses was over crowded with a variety of racks, cabinets and cable management products from various manufacturers. Instructors felt that the data center environment, if better organized, could provide a more real-life work experience for students. The college was given a variety of CPI products including cabinets, cable tray, cable managers and more.
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Los Rios Case Study

Los Rios Community College District

Aggressive Growth Requires Modernization of Established School 


In early 2004 Los Rios embarked on a multi-million dollar building project that includes the building, enhancement or modernization of facilities at all four campuses, as well as establishing four additional outreach centers – all in a 10-year time frame. Such aggressive growth requires well-thought out plans, especially in the area of technology.
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PacSun Case Study

Pacific Sunwear

"Surf Shop" Builds Super Network to Support New Facilities


In addition to the tremendous capacity and performance, PacSun wanted cleanliness — “a sterile environment,” says Dwayne Russell, PacSun’s Director of Technical Services. Nothing scattered all over the computer room floor here. Even the closets (IDF locations) are well-organized. To accomplish his goal, Russell chose the comprehensive family of products from Chatsworth Products.
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Sun Micro Case Study

Sun Microsystems

Technology Company Builds Showcase Network Using CPI's End-to-End Solutions 

The Sun project team found CPI offered the best infrastructure support system to accommodate not only the open mounting architecture that was used in the showcase exhibit, but throughout the entire campus as well. With more than 500 miles of cabling installed throughout the facility, organization was essential.
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Arizona State Case Study

Arizona State University

Supporting Cutting-Edge Scientific and Technological Research


ASU’s University Technology Office faced with the challenge of planning and executing infrastructure and active voice and data component systems for campus, satellite, leased and commercial locations. Not only has this involved updating and maintaining four campuses IT infrastructure, but also equipping new and renovated buildings with the applications required to be successful.
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Office Depot Case Study

Office Depot

World's Largest Reseller of Office Products Relies on CPI to Support Sophisticated Network  


With all of these communications channels to manage and keep connected, system interruptions can be devastating. Just one minute of downtime can create great concern since company-wide transactions top more than $12 billion annually. Precise planning for a standardized approach to the network support system was mandatory from the center's outset.
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Hillsboro Case Study

Hillsboro, Oregon, School District

New System Supports Operations From a Central Hub Built From the Ground Up  

A top concern of this rapidly growing school district was to organize the equipment in the best manner in order to support current and future requirements. What was needed was a structural support system that would accommodate the greatest variety of equipment, a framework that would accept cable routing from any direction, and an equipment mounting and housing system that would adjust to any combination of telecom and IT applications.
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Oregon Mutual Case Study

Oregon Mutual Insurance

Deploying New Technologies to Enhance Security and Satisfaction

OMI is committed to deploying the most effective technologies to enhance the services, security and satisfaction of their growing policyholder and agent base. OMI was faced with the challenge of overcoming large amounts of heat in data center cabinets generated from servers and other IT equipment.
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Lucent Case Study

Lucent Technologies

CPI Racks and Cable Management Provide the Solution for Busy Construction Site

Lucent's newest research and design centers in the neighboring techno-communities of Naperville and Lisle, Illinois (west of Chicago) comprise six buildings housing 20 telecommunications closets. Each of the two campuses has more than 650,000 square feet of space and contains nearly 5,000 workstations. With such a massive undertaking, harnessing all the technology (and all of the cable management) proved daunting.
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iLink Case Study

iLink, Hong Kong

With Real Estate in Hong Kong at a Premium, iLink Relies on CPI for New Data Center in Existing Space

iLink is a $35 billion dollar corporation with the vision to be the leading commercial Internet traffic exchange center in all of Asia Pacific. Serving ISPs, eCommerce enterprises, Internet content, multimedia and application service providers, but with only 422 square miles and 6.5 million people, to say real estate is scarce in Hong Kong is quite the understatement. Developing new facilities is not even an option.C iLink found CPI to be the source that would satisfy the unique requirements of iLink's downtown Hong Kong data center.
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APT Case Study

Advanced Power Technology

Enclosure Blower Provides Cooling Solution for Existing MegaFrame® Cabinets

When overheating in existing cabinets became a concern for Bend, Ore.-based Advanced Power Technology (APT), the company was forced to find alternate cooling sources to lower critical server temperatures. APT currently used CPI's MegaFrame® Cabinets and wanted to maintain the clean professional appearance of their server room. CPI's Delphi ECS Enclosure Blower provided the answer they needed.
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