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Education Industry

At Chatsworth Products (CPI), we know those in the varying field of education rely on the integrity and availability of their data and information networks at all times. Everything from student record keeping, grade information and standardized test data relies on the optimal performance and function of a school system’s data center and premise network capabilities.  

The education industry spans many sectors, including:

  • Public School Systems & Districts
  • Colleges, Universities and Research Laboratories
  • Private & Preparatory Schools
  • Technical Institutes
  • Online Learning

Across these grade levels and areas of concentration, the implementation of new technologies plays a huge role in how data is managed and secured. 

Education in the Digital Age

The role of technology in education has drastically changed during the past few years. The Internet has enabled learning to be everywhere, all the time. 

While state and federal governments support initiatives such as the “1:1 Initiative,” in which each and every student in public schools has access to a mobile device, Universities and Research Laboratories heavily rely on super computing systems to drive the latest discoveries. 

To support this digital transformation, a robust IT infrastructure is necessary. 

Schools and libraries need an IT infrastructure system that accommodates a great variety of equipment, accepts cable routing from any direction, sustains high rack densities at allowable temperatures, supports intelligent power distribution and is ready for future demands.

Proactive Planning: e-Rate Program Funds Broadband Connection

When it comes to education, proactivity is key. 

Every year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) releases the Schools & Libraries Universal Support Program, a billion-dollar funding program known as e-Rate, which is designed to upgrade internal connections and Wi-Fi infrastructure in U.S. grades K-12 and public libraries. 

CPI provides a variety of products covered by the e-Rate program in IT infrastructure—open racks, wall cabinets and cable management, to name a few.

Education enabled by technology requires a robust infrastructure that will provide the foundation to empower learners to make a better future. Count on CPI to be your partner in this endeavor.

4/17/2021 12:36:27 PM