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Product Configurator Marks 50,000th Custom Design

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In November 2005 Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) activated its Product Configurator in order to give our customers the ability to create products specially suited to their application. Since that time more than 50,000 unique product configurations have been created by customers, partners and employees worldwide. We currently have more than 13,000 registered users.

What is the Product Configurator?Configurator.jpg
The Product Configurator guides customers through the steps and selections necessary to create customized products than range from a single rack to an enclosure with shelves, cable managers, grounding products, power strips and more. This step-by-step process provides customers with detailed product information along with various options and accessories that can be added during the configuration process. Sophisticated logic is incorporated to insure compatibility of product families and their accessories.

Once the solution has been configured, this confidential tool will present customers with a bill of material, rendered drawings of the customized system, the list price and a selection of distributors or global resellers. Users can save multiple configured projects within the Product Configurator and can access them at any time.

What Product Families are Included in the Configurator?

Some of our most popular products are configurable. These include a variety of products from these product families:

New products are continually being added. Not all products require a configuration tool. You can view and purchase these items in our online Product Catalog.

How do I use the Product Configurator?
The Product Configurator is located at If you have not previously registered on our Website you will need to do so. We recently implemented a single sign on feature that allows you to login once to access all of our secured tools and resources. Once you login, simply select the product you want to configure and follow the prompts. For more details you can review our Quick Reference Guide.

For additional help please call CPI Technical Support at 800-834-4969. If you have suggestions on how we can improve this tool, select the comment link below. Sarah Gaskins, eMarketing Specialist

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